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Choosing a Healthcare Plan through Oneplan Medical Aid

4182291013_fc4106bde3You might be wondering why being a member of a medical aid scheme is so important, and if you underestimate the importance of having suitable healthcare cover, then you could end up facing a number of problems in the future. Being a member of a medical aid scheme is much more than just spreading the costs of medical treatment, there are also medical aid companies out there that offer preventative medicine and techniques, and these can be useful in order to avoid serious illness. In this article, we will explain in more detail, the advantages of becoming a member of a medical aid scheme.

Oneplan Medical Aid is one company that is trying to simplify the healthcare plan selection process, by only offering a limited amount of healthcare plans, rather than dozens that some medical aid companies do. It can be a little bit off-putting for people that are new to the whole business of selecting healthcare plans, due to the fact that there are just too many to sift through.

It is not hard to see why some people do not even bother with becoming a member of a medical aid scheme in the first place, as the medical aid marketplace is so crowded with many different companies all offering multiple healthcare plans. However, not having medical aid cover is not advisable, especially the older one gets, and not having medical aid cover could leave you with no choice but to rely on the medical services of a state run medical facility. Additionally, you may have to find alternative ways to pay for your medical treatment, and many South African citizens get into debt due to the fact that they have had to take out costly loans in order to pay for their medical bills.

When choosing a healthcare plan, you need to think about your current circumstances and lifestyle, however, you should also think about how your circumstances might change in the near future. This will help you to decide on which healthcare plan is right for you and any family you might also want to be covered. This is vital if you are planning on getting married or having children in the near future, as you will need to adjust your level of medical insurance to cover your maternity bills and to help cover your partner and the baby.



Carecross Medical Aid and Healthcare in South Africa

7142787119_9d1504961bIf you are new to the whole medical aid process, then you may feel a bit overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choice that is available. Not only are there lots of companies all looking to sign you up as a new customer, most of them will have a number of different healthcare plans to choose from on their website. In this article, we will take a closer look at how you can choose the right healthcare plan that will suit your budget as well as your medical requirements.

The truth is that medical emergencies can happen to anyone, and even the fittest people are not immune to every illness and ailment. Throw in the risk of being involved in an accident that causes injury, and you have a recipe for some very expensive medical bills. Due to the unexpected and sudden nature of injury and illness, it is advisable that you join a medical aid scheme such as the ones offered by Carecross Medical Aid. They will help you to find the right level of medical cover that suits your pocket and your needs.

Healthcare plans such as the ones offered by Carecross Medical Aid is open to anyone, and they can provide you and your loved ones with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are covered against medical bills when you need them. Medical bills can escalate quite quickly and if you are not covered against them you could very well find yourself looking at ways in which you can raise the money to pay for them.

Carecross Medical Aid have been providing people with quality and affordable healthcare plans for a number of years now, and they will know which medical aid scheme will suit you best. It is important to make sure that you have a good level of medical aid coverage, as there are many different schemes out there and you could end up paying for a healthcare scheme that does not cover you for what you need it to.

With any luck, you will not require a lengthy stay in a hospital, however, there are times when you are going to need a certain level of healthcare, and therefore it is important that you consider joining a medical aid scheme. Even a basic hospital only plan will help to prevent you from having to pay large bills for your medical treatment.



Get Comprehensive Cover with the Discovery Hospital Plan


Hospital (Photo credit: José Goulão)

The cost of medical care can be very expensive, and not having any medical aid cover can leave you facing the crisis that comes with paying for medical treatment. Far too many South African citizens are still without adequate healthcare cover, and these are the very people that could find that they are looking at hefty bills for their hospital care. The last thing people want when they are staying in hospital is to have the worry that comes with knowing that there is a large and expensive medical bill to pay at the end. That is why it is important to have the peace of mind that comes with being a member of a medical aid plan.


The Discovery Hospital Plan is able to offer all members help with stays and visits to private hospitals, and all of their plans, from the basic to the all-inclusive come with hospital care included. This makes their plans some of the best that you can get when it comes to getting help for hospital bills. Becoming a member will help you to avoid the stress and worry of expensive medical bills at a time when you need to be concentrating all of your efforts into getting well again.


The medical aid market may seem a bit confusing at first, especially to the uninitiated, and therefore it is a good idea to make sure that you are getting the right coverage for your money. Thankfully, Discovery Hospital Plan is incorporated into all of the company’s 6 different healthcare plans, meaning that if you are looking for help for hospital bills, you will not be left short of cover, even with the basic package. Also, the great thing about the Discovery Hospital Plan is that there is no limit on the amount of visits you can make to a hospital in a 12 month period, nor is there a limit on the number of consecutive days that you can be in hospital for.


It is details such as that, which makes the healthcare plans from Discovery Health some of the most competitive in South Africa at the moment. Searching for the right amount of medical cover can be difficult, however, the people at Discovery Health are determined to simplify the medical aid process, as well as offering detailed coverage on even their most basic healthcare plans.








Cape Medical Plan : The Benefits

Not having the right medical aid cover, could lead to problems if you or a member of your immediate family becomes ill. However, there are still thousands of people living and working in South Africa that either have a level of healthcare cover that is totally unsuitable, or they do not have any kind of healthcare cover at all.

There is really no excuse for not having a suitable medical aid package to fall back on in time of need, and there is always going to be a time when illness or injury strike. One reason why a lot of people risk their health by not belonging to a healthcare plan is that they think that it will be too expensive and they will not be able to pay the monthly premiums. This may have been true a few years ago, however, nowadays companies such as Cape Medical Plan are able to offer a range of healthcare plans that could suit the tightest of budgets.

ID-100148654Cape Medical Plan has been in existence since 1961, making them one of the foremost providers of healthcare packages in South Africa at the moment. With competition so fierce between healthcare scheme providers, there are a lot of savings to be made on the monthly premiums, and that is good news for the customer as prices fall.

By becoming a member of a medical aid scheme, you are lessening the chances of serious illness and injury inflicting your life by allowing you and your family to have access to the best medical care available in your area. Not only that, but you will also be avoiding the stresses and worries of having to pay medical bills, which can quickly accumulate in to a hefty amount. Without a medical aid plan to assist you with your medical bills, you could find that treatment maybe discontinued, the consequences of which is not something that most people would want to consider

Signing up to one of the healthcare packages offered by Cape Medical, will help you with the problems associated with having to find the money to pay expensive healthcare bills and prescription drug costs. These plans are often seen as expensive and unnecessary by some people, however, there are many advantages, such as having access to a GP, a dentist and help with expense related to dental work and eye exams and the costs of spectacles.



Bonitas Medical Aid Rates Are Among The Most Competitive

For more than 30 years, Bonitas has been providing top quality healthcare plans for thousands of South African citizens, and they are now one of the biggest providers of healthcare plans in the country. It is due to the fact that Bonitas Medical Aid rates are so competitively priced that they can boast as being in the top 2 medical aid companies in the country.

Being healthy and free of injury is something that a lot of people take for granted; especially when they are young, nevertheless, injury and illness can strike at any time and often without warning. Even the fittest of people are not immune from every illness, and injury could occur as the result of an accident. It is because of this that Bonitas are able to offer a range of healthcare plans that will meet the needs of a large percentage of the South African population, no matter what their budget and state of health.

Before you look elsewhere, you ought to consider the range of Bonitas Medical Aid rates on offer, as there is something for everyone. Bonitas offer five varying healthcare plans and they have been designed to suit the needs of specific demographics in society, so there are healthcare plans for families, young and healthy people, the elderly as well as those who might be in need of intensive treatment.

For young people that are in relatively good health, Bonitas offer a plan which will cover the costs of any stays or visits to a hospital, whereas those people with families will require a more comprehensive healthcare plan, and there is one for them too.

There are also healthcare plans that are better suited to those people that are suffering from long-term illness, and one of the Bonitas Medical Aid rates covers this. The Bo Comprehensive healthcare plan is ideal for those people that need to visit their doctor more than just a couple of times per year, as well as covering the costs of visits and spells in hospital.

As you can see, there are a range of benefits when you sign up to a healthcare plan from Bonitas. Aside from the peace of mind that you get from knowing that you and your loved ones are going to be covered against a number of different health issues, you will also know that you are getting some of the most competitive healthcare rates around.


Benefits of the Discovery Health Hospital Plan

ID-100121240Being a member of a healthcare scheme has so many benefits rather than taking a chance on the treatment provided by state owned healthcare facilities. Although these facilities are acceptable, they are often overcrowded and the waiting times can be very long, as well as the standard of treatment not being of high-quality compared to private healthcare facilities.

With so many healthcare plans available, it might appear to be a bit of a chore in order to work out which medical aid scheme is the most suitable. Discovery Health Hospital Plan has tried to simplify the system by offering a range of medical health plans that are suited to all kinds of people and budgets.

Discovery Health Hospital Plan is something that is incorporated in to each of Discovery Health’s 6 healthcare plans, meaning that you are covered against the event of spending time in hospital, which is something that can be very costly. Many people that do not wish to have intensive medical aid cover should make sure that they have a medical aid plan that helps them with the costs of hospital treatment. Illness and injury can occur at anytime, and even to the most healthy of people.

Some of the hospital treatments that you can be expect to be covered for include radiology, oncology and many more, including prosthesis and surgery. The 6 healthcare plans that are available through Discovery Health begin with the KeyCare Series, and then there is the Core Series, and there is the Saver Series, Priority Series, and Comprehensive Series. The final healthcare plan is the Executive plan, and this plan is suitable for those people that want a little bit more from their healthcare package. As well as incorporating a Discovery Health Hospital Plan that provides unlimited cover for hospital visits or stays of any length, it also includes extensive coverage of a number of chronic illnesses. Not only that, but this plan will also cover the most expensive medication should you require it, and you will also be covered for medical treatment should you fall ill when travelling outside of the country.

Hopefully, this article has given you some ideas as to the advantages of joining a medical aid scheme. Protecting your health and the health of your family should be paramount to you, and that means finding a healthcare plan that suits your needs and finances.


Keep Your Bonitas Medical Aid Contact Details At Hand

With the sheer amount of medical aid schemes now available in South Africa, it can seem a bit overwhelming to find the right one to suit your needs. Not only is there a large number of companies all offering medical insurance, but they all tend to have several variations of their healthcare plans. Some offer only cover against hospital treatment, whilst others offer coverage against the costs of a number of chronic illnesses as well as things like maternity cover and other health problems.

Searching online is one of the best places to start, and thanks to the internet, there is now no need to try and find the Bonitas Medical Aid Contact Details in a phone book. All you need to do is to type their name into an internet search engine, and you will get a link that will take you to their website. In the past, in the pre-internet days, this could only be achieved by searching through endless pages of advertisements in a phone book, or else by calling directory enquiries on the telephone. Thankfully, the internet has made is so much easier to find the Bonitas Medical Aid Contact Details, that there are now no more than a couple of clicks of the mouse away.10962644645_d3955d915c

There are also a lot of websites where you can fill in your details, and it will list the best medical insurance options for you. The level of medical insurance that you can get for your money depends on two things. Firstly, you will need to know in advance, just how much money you have to spend, and secondly, you will need to have some idea as to the things you want to be covered against.

A basic medical aid plan will cover the costs of visits to a private hospital, however, there are many other healthcare plans to choose from, and you might want to be covered against things such as dental and optical treatments too.

Taking some time to do your research properly, will help you to save time in the long term, as well as potentially saving you money on your monthly premiums too, as no one wants to spend their hard earned money on medical cover they do not need.

Hopefully, this article has given you some ideas on how and where to find the best medical insurance for you and your family.



Bonita Medical Aid Plans for Individuals and Families

6358596747_18647bef8eFinding a quality medical scheme today is a daunting task as there are so many different options available for individuals and families. It can be difficult to determine exactly what plan will work the best for you and your family. One of the companies that has been around for decades and has been a proven provider of quality and affordable health coverage is Bonita medical aid. Bonita offers a variety of different plans that will suit the medical needs of all members of your family. From basic, routine treatments and procedures, to more invasive in-hospital procedures Bonita has something for everyone.

Bonita medical aid has a comprehensive plan that is perfect for those that want to ensure that they are always covered regardless of the medical issue that comes up. This medical aid scheme covers the medications needed for 53 chronic medical conditions. Furthermore, it covers both in and out of hospital treatments. This is essential as other plans only cover in-hospital treatments and all expenses for appointments or treatments that take place outside of the hospital will have to be paid out-of-pocket. This plan offers a long line of benefits for any medical situation that may occur.

Other medical plans offered by Bonita cover treatments and medications for chronic illnesses but have limited coverage for other medical situations. The standard scheme offered by Bonita medical aid also covers a variety of dental and optical treatments as well as maternity benefits. Other medical aid problems offer the same benefits whereas others have more limited coverage.

When it comes time to find a medical aid plan that works best for you and your family you need to think about a host of factors to ensure you get exactly what you need. Consider how large a budget you have each month to for medical coverage. Knowing how much money you have available will play a huge role in the amount of coverage that you will be able to select. It is also essential to determine what pre-existing conditions you have, if any, as this will help you pick a medical aid scheme that will provide you with the coverage you need.

Paying close attention to the health needs of your family and yourself will help you select the perfect plan. The key to getting a medical aid scheme is to have any type of scheme as even the most basic hospital plan can help you in the case of extreme medical emergencies.



Finding The Best Medical Aid South Africa Has To Offer

You may already have medical aid cover, you may not, however, having the wrong kind of medical aid cover is akin to not having any healthcare provision at all, but with the added disadvantage of paying for something you do not need. Making sure that you are signed up to a healthcare plan that is going to look after you and any dependents is important if you wish to get value for money. In order to find the best medical aid in South Africa, then you are going to need to take some time, and do some research prior to signing on the dotted line.

ID-10044309If your medical aid contract is coming up for renewal, there is no better time than just before it expires to look for a better deal. One thing that you need to remember is that in the length of time that you have had the existing medical aid cover, your circumstances might have changed, and this could be because you have got married or had a child. The problem here is that your current healthcare plan might not now be giving you the kind of coverage that you now need, especially if you were single when you signed up to the policy. You need to take stock of your life and assess the changes that need to be made to your medical insurance in order to keep it up to date.

After all, a medical aid scheme is there to provide you with financial protection when you are in need of top quality medical care. There is no point spending sums of money each month on a medical aid scheme that is totally unsuitable for your current situation, as that is just money down the drain. Most providers of medical aid cover will allow their members to switch to another plan even if they are halfway through a contract. Of course, if you are a member of a medical aid plan that will not let you switch, then it is time to look elsewhere for your medical aid scheme.

Searching for the best medical aid South Africa can take time, due to the amount of companies out there providing medical aid cover. However, you need to make changes as soon as you can in order to get the best deals, lower premium costs, yet still receive the best possible medical coverage.


Best Medical Aid and Healthcare Plans Explained

Medical aid cover is a kind of insurance which deals with the costs related to private medical care, either for an individual or a family. Depending on the level of cover you are paying for, you can expect to be covered for things such as hospital treatments, medication, and emergency transport to hospital, as well as dental and optical treatments. It is worth having some form of medical aid cover as more often than not, illness and injury happen at unexpected moments and these situations are rarely budgeted for.

3030428936_f41c830dd8To get healthcare cover, you will need to find a suitable medical aid provider, such as Best Medical Aid. They will then assess your needs and budget and advise you on the best package that they think will suit you best. Once you have selected a healthcare plan, been medically assessed and accepted, you will be required to pay your monthly premiums, and this figure will vary depending on the level of cover you have opted for. A lot of the time, a medical aid program will expect you to pay your monthly premiums but you will be denied cover for the first two or three months, and this is something that is perfectly normal, and just a way of the company protecting themselves from too much expense early on.

Many medical aid companies have a range of different healthcare plans to choose from, and Best Medical Aid are not exception. They have a number of plans that will suit all needs and budgets. There are so-called entry level plans, which cover the costs of hospital treatments only, as more often than not; these are the most expensive treatments around. For people that want a bit more coverage, there are plans that will cover chronic illness and visits to a GP, as well as dentists and opticians.

It is normal for medical insurance companies to assess their client’s health in a pre-screening in order to uncover any long-term or chronic ailments, as well as looking into the background of a client’s medical history. This will then help them to assess whether their client is low risk or high risk. People that are categorised as high risk will been seen as more of an insurance risk, and as a result they will be expected to pay more for their monthly premiums than someone classified as low risk.