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Discovery medical aid contact details

Discovery medical aid contact details are offered for the following: Member general contact (phone and email), KeyCare Member services (phone and email), Smart HealthChoices (phone only), Discovery 911 (phone only), Hospital pre-authorizations (phone and email), Local Evacuations – ER24 (phone only, 24 hour hotline), International Evacuations Emergency – International SOS (phone and email, 24 hour hotline), Health Partner (phone only), Employer (phone and email), Intermediary (phone, new business and underwriting only) and the Discovery Health Compliance Officer (email only).

Discovery medical aid contact details allow you to quickly get a hold of the person or department you need when filing a claim, requesting assistance, changing aid schemes or if you want to enrol in one a Discovery medical aid plan. Discovery is one of the largest providers of medical aid in South Africa and one of the reasons they reached this point is customer service. It is never hard to get the help or information you need when you know the Discovery medical aid contact details.

You can find Discovery medical aid contact details on their website by clicking the tab on the side menu that say “Contact Us” and then click on “Discovery Health” in the sub menu. This will bring you to a page that will list all the options for Discovery medical aid contact details.

If you are unsure which Discovery medical aid details you need, check either your aid scheme paperwork or plan ID card as they will usually list a number or email that is specifically for use with that plan. If you still are not sure, call the member services line and speak with a representative. They will be able to sort your need and connect you to the right department. Discovery has become one of the leading medical aid providers in South Africa because of its attention and responsiveness to its customer’s needs. Never hesitate to call for clarification on a benefit or with any other question as they cannot meet your needs if they do not know about them.

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Medical aid comparison

When you get ready to do a medical aid comparison you have to first be aware of what makes all the medical aid offers different. Each type of cover will offer a different level of protection. Each tier of protection also has different premium rates and a different focus that will be underscored when you see the medical aid comparison.  Some medical aid plans will be good for young singles who are just starting out and other are better for families.

Performing a realistic and thorough medical aid comparison is necessary before choosing a medical aid provider in South Africa.  If you choose the wrong home or car cover, the worst that can happen is that you will lose your house or car. That may seem awful, but you can recover from it. Come to the wrong conclusion from your medical aid comparison and your health can be seriously compromised, your financial stability destroyed and you will not be able to start again.

Even if you find yourself in a situation where you need additional benefits that are not provided by your cover, most companies that offer medical aids in South Africa also offer gap cover. Gap cover is a temporary medical aid scheme that provides additional benefits to be used in conjunction with your existing plan. This can help prevent you being overwhelmed by hospital costs.

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Discovery medical aid plans

The most comprehensive cover offered by Discovery medical aid plans are found in their Coastal Core and Coastal Classic plans. Under these packages, Discovery will pay the full cost of bills from surgeons and anaesthetists plus they provide chronic medication benefits and emergency transportation cover that include emergency airlift by helicopter. These Discovery medical aid plans also provide for unlimited hospitalization and day-to-day cover of services.

Discovery medical aid plans are designed to meet the needs and budget constraints of their members. Discovery Health is one of the largest providers of medical aid plans in South Africa. They have over 2 million people on their rolls and continue to add more each day.

One of the reasons Discovery medical aid plans are the first choice for health cover is that they are one of the few to allow members to downgrade their cover at any time. This can help if money gets tight. However, members can only upgrade their Discovery medical aid plans once a year.

For people who are looking to pay less and don’t foresee a need for full comprehensive cover, Discovery medical aid plans also include products that cost much less than the Coastal Core and Coastal Classic products. The Coastal Saver will pay some health bills in total and up to 50% on others. Members can fill out the cover on budget Discovery medical aid plans by purchasing have stop gap products. Stop gap products allow you to add cover to use with an existing plan to reduce the cost of services not fully paid. Members can also opt into a savings plan to set aside money in case of medical need.

Discovery medical aid plans also include a product called Classic Comprehensive. This plan offers unlimited hospital benefits and uses the savings plan to pay up to 50% of the bill before the threshold amount is reached and Discovery pays the rest. This plan also allows for unused savings to roll over into the next plans cover. There are several more products offered by Discovery medical aid plans. Sitting with an agent and discussing your needs is the best way to find the right one for you

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Medical Aid Research

Having a good medical aid scheme is critical in protecting yourself and your family’s health and well-being. In South Africa, there are up to 160 different medical aid schemes with various medical rates. With so many options available, choosing the correct scheme to best suit the needs of you and your family requires an individual doing the proper research.

One of the first things that you need to consider for yourself and your family is what type of coverage everyone in your family needs. Do you or a family member have a chronic illness that needs specific medications or treatments? Are you on a limited budget and need to choose a medical aid scheme that starts around R400 per individual person? Higher end schemes can cost up to R3000 per each adult for more extensive medical aid schemes. No matter what your needs may be there is a healthcare plan available for you and the ones you love.

To help in making the decision about what is the most suitable, and affordable medical aid scheme, getting a quote can help determine what the best healthcare plan is for your loved ones and yourself. By getting a quote, you can find out exactly what plan will best serve you. Do not let the many options and prices prevent you from looking into the peace of mind that good medical coverage can offer.

With so many medical aid schemes available at various rates, it is important that every individual do their homework. By knowing what you and your family need, require, and can afford when it comes to medical coverage, you can insure if the unfortunate happens there is protection waiting. Do not be left without peace of mind by not looking into finding the right medical aid scheme for you and your family today!

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Why Get Medical Aid?

Every individual has responsibilities that have to be taken care of on a daily basis. Whether you are single or have a family, taking care of the basic needs in life are important. These needs include working, upkeep of a home, and all the other essentials of life. One of the most important things an individual can do to protect themselves and the ones they love is getting medical aid.

Having a quality medical aid scheme can help protect you and your loved ones when the unthinkable emergency happens. Having medical aid can also help ensure the treatment that is required if someone in your family, or yourself, has a chronic medical condition. The best way to go about finding an affordable and quality medical aid scheme for you and your family is by getting a quote at

Obtaining free medical aid scheme quotes requires a few minor steps. Simply fill out the free quote form today. You need only provide basic information that includes your name, birth date, where you live, a cell number and an email address. Once your information is received, all of the major medical aid companies are contacted. Going through this process, we will help find the most competitive prices that are available through the various companies. Upon receiving this information, we will send you your free quote and the rest is up to you.

Look through the various quotes from the different companies; consider the type of medical aid scheme that you need and determine which best suits you and your family. Feel comfort in the fact that no matter what scheme you choose, whether it is a more expensive and highly comprehensive scheme or basic coverage, you will have assistance available for you and your family. Do not hesitate to get the medical aid that you need today.

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A Summary of Medical Indemnity in South Africa

A Summary of Medical Indemnity in South Africa

The Indemnity trade in South Africa is a continually escalating commerce, with fresh assurance
corporations materializing incessantly, other businesses have at this time leaped in to proffer cover
for instance supermarkets. Amid all the dissimilar kinds of cover that an individual can get, for
example auto, home, life, and numerous others, let’s look at health cover in South Africa.

A bigger proportion of the South African populace is disadvantaged or finds themselves in the lesser
earnings group with a smaller proportion of the inhabitants in the intermediate to superior earnings
grade. As a consequence numerous citizens must depend on the municipal health care scheme.

As cited earlier there are a lot of insurance companies proffering health assurance and remedial aid
plans in South Africa and it is vital to look about for one that matches your requirements. What is
more it’s imperative that you understand the small print, as a lot health indemnity givers will avoid
trying to resolve a application, but this is the same across the world and is not just limited to South

South Africa is also witnessing a step up in attention from overseas assurance corporations,
proffering standard insurance for every one and what’s more some exclusive plans for emigrants.
These unique plans can comprise conveying the dead via airplane back to their native land. The fee
of intercontinental indemnity cover can differ rather a lot.

The outlook of the medical care scheme in South Africa is unsure, and the leadership has planned a
new nationwide medical cover which will grant free of charge remedial care for each and every one,
though some cynics state that the administrations grand medical care strategy is unlikely to work.
The leadership expects to instigate the scheme in 2012, beginning with bucolic regions and after that
steadily spread to the remainder of the nation in the next fourteen years. A cynic declared that for it
to perform it would require as a minimum 10 million income tax payers which is double what there
are currently as South Africa has the least amount per percentage of population in the world.

South Africa appears to have a lot of work to do to get ahead of the medical assurance trade and the
medical industry in its entirety is calculated to help every one who requires medical assistance. If the
critics are correct then the exclusive medical indemnity division will keep growing for now.

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Why You Should Consider Medical Aid

Why You Should Consider Medical Aid

The expense of medical care in South Africa is incredibly pricey. The typical resident that has
an insurance plan, generally continues to have to struggle simply to meet even the lowest
of payments. The benefit of instead opting for a medical aid program is that patients can get
assistance with the cost of their medical treatment, but without as much expense as an insurance
policy would incur. Statistics show that only 20 percent of South Africa’s 50 million people have a
healthcare plan and this is usually because of the strain that the insurance premiums can put on
the household budget. Unless a member of your family has an ongoing illness it can be tempting
to decide not to lay out the expense. However, at we can help you to find
affordable health care to suit your budget.

There are many benefits to having a health care plan in place including giving you the chance to
choose where you are treated and offers the ability to make routine dental and optical exams
rather than have to wait in a queue at a walk in clinic. The biggest benefit comes form the peace
of mind that when you need medical care, you can get it without having to panic about the
cost as great deal of your treatment is covered by your medical aid scheme. Some aspects of
healthcare are covered by the risk benefit portion of your medical aid cover as this is designed
to ensure that your general health is good thus reducing the likelihood of you requiring more
expensive treatment. A lot of people are unaware of this and as a result do not take advantage of
the benefits. It is important to check with your medical aid provider exactly what you are entitled
to. Many providers will cover childhood vaccinations, flu shots, pap smears, mammograms and
screening tests for cholesterol, blood sugar, HIV/AIDS and prostrate issues.

Medical aid programs do require a monthly premium to be paid, but the advantages are well
worth the outlay and much they are typically much more affordable than standard health
insurance. We aim to help you find the best medical aid program for you at the most affordable
cost by allowing you to compare the best deals from South Africa’s top providers.

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Learn More About Medical Aid in South Africa

Learn More About Medical Aid in South Africa

Medical aid programs in South Africa alert people to the risks of relying on South Africa’s healthcare system so that they can consider alternative plans which will help them to access better quality health care. South Africa’s health system has to deal with a huge number of patients, which means doctors don’t have enough time to give their patients the individual attention they require. This can lead to misdiagnosis and inadequate treatment, which clearly isn’t good for those individuals who went into hospital in the belief that they would get better by doing so.

Medical aid programs in South Africa are provided by organizations that have grown out of a sense of frustration with the national healthcare provision which is available in South Africa. With millions of South Africans trying to access healthcare services, there is a great deal of pressure on resources. Many South Africans find that they have to wait a long time for treatment and that the treatment they do receive is rushed and not performed to a high enough standard. The organizations which provide medical aid South Africa are aware of these problems and want to draw people’s attention to the limitations of South Africa’s healthcare system. South Africa’s healthcare system is huge and unwieldy which makes it difficult for hospitals to control the finances they are given and to divert funds to where they need to go and, in the end, it is patients who lose out. Although the national system can give some assistance to those suffering from common conditions and ailments, those with more challenging problems may not be able to get the treatment they require.

As far as medical aid is concerned, it doesn’t help that the economy is in a weakened state, since it means that the government collects less revenue from taxes and is not as able to spend money on healthcare provision. Thus, hospitals have less money to spend on equipment and on staff, which ultimately affects the standard of treatment patients receive and the range of options open to them. It certainly doesn’t help that equipment and medication are so expensive, as this just makes it even more difficult for hospitals to continue providing satisfactory care. The majority of people are having to rely on medical insurance for private healthcare, but this can become costly, especially if you have a long term illness. Medical aid is a great alternative. Since those providing medical aid are non-profit organizations rather than profit orientated businesses, they will offer a fair system in which every member of the program pays an equal monthly fee. This differs to insurance, where monthly policies are determined by how much risk of illness each individual poses. This is not good for those with long term illness such as cancer or AIDS.

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Choosing The Right Medical Aid Provider

Choosing The Right Medical Aid Provider South Africa has one of the highest HIV infection rates world-wide and because of this, medical aid is not considered as a luxury, but rather a necessity it is not just another form of health insurance. Medical aid schemes, like some other forms of health insurance, rely on a large membership base of young healthy people to support the healthcare needs of a small number of older, sicklier members, but unlike insurance, everyone in a medical aid scheme pays the same amount. That means people such as HIV patients who would probably be deemed uninsurable are able to get access to affordable healthcare. But how do you know which medical aid is right for you?

Every medical aid plan out there has different coverage. Some of them will pay more for doctor visits and the hospital than others. Some of them have co-pays and deductibles you are responsible for. There are plans that cover pregnancy and those that won’t. There are also those coverage plans that are limited in terms of the doctors that you can use as providers. You have to look through such coverage to find what is a good plan for your needs. We can help you with sorting through all of the different options which are available to you. We can get comparative quotes from a election of the top medical aid providers in South Africa and help you to identify the medical aid scheme which is best suited to your needs. We can also help guide you through the process including helping you to understand how gap cover can protect you from unexpected medical expenses. It is important to know that the medical aid provider you choose covers the things that are important to you. For example, if you plan on having a family soon, then coverage for pregnancy is very important.

There are also differences in how the various different medical aid providers handle payments for treatment. Some of the medical aid schemes will pay the providers directly and you will only be responsible to pay your deductible or co-pay. Then the provider will bill the rest to the medical aid program. With others though you have to pay the entire bill first out of your own pocket. Then you have to submit a claim for and get reimbursed. It can take up to 30 days for you to get that money back. We can help you to choose which of these is right for you. Why not get your free, no obligation comparison from

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Is Medical Aid just another Type of Medical Insurance?

Is Medical Aid Just Another Type of Medical Insurance?

The majority of developed and developing nations have private health care options largely funded by medical insurance.In most of these nations, medical insurance is the only chance consumers have of being able to afford private health care, but this is a bone of contention among many people. At the end of the day, insurance companies are profit driven. They have no reservations about cutting corners to keep costs to a minimum, and often they avoid risks making certain groups of people practically uninsurable.

Although many do not realise it, South Africa is among the leading lights of private health care funding. This is thanks to private medical aid programs. It is often mistakenly assumed that medical aid is just another version of medical insurance, but there is actually much more to them. The biggest difference is that medical aids are operated only by non-profit organizations. Medical aid is considered to be far superior to medical insurance and it has been an integral part in developing what is fast becoming one of the best private health care systems in the world. Private hospital groups in South Africa are even beginning to extend services to the Middle East and North America!

With medical aid, everyone pays the same monthly premium for the plan they have chosen. It does not matter how healthy you are. This is a major difference between medical aid and medical insurance. Insurance companies will raise premiums on those with long term illness and may even refuse cover to someone with a pre- existing health concern. Considering one of the major health issues in South Africa is HIV and AIDS this is fantastic, because even those who are HIV positive or are suffering from full blown AIDS can join a medical aid plan without having to pay more.

There are many other differences and benefits when comparing medical aid to medical insurance, but even based solely on this factor medical aid is much more stable than insurance! There are lots of different providers and schemes available in South Africa, so at we aim to help you t find the est deal to meet your needs. We can help find affordable medical aid for you and your family.


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