FedHealth Medical Aid Company

FedHealth Flexible Medical Aid Plans

FedHealth is an innovative, respected medical aid company. Established in South Africa in 1969 the FedHealth medical aid company is one of South Africa top medical aid schemes, covering over 200 000 people and having an impressive AA- credit rating.

FedHealth pride themselves on being empathetic. They carefully consider your every need and have come up the most flexible medical aid scheme plans.

  • FedHealth Maxima Core
  • FedHealth Maxima Basis
  • FedHealth Maxima Standard

In addition to each of these plans FedHealth has unique benefits that contribute to the ease of maintaining a healthy lifestyle:

  • Unlimited oral contraceptives paid by the medical aid scheme
  • Dependants rate remain at child rates until 27 years of age
  • All sport both professional and extreme are covered by the policy
  • Medicine to be taken home after hospitalization is paid for by the medical aid
  • Customers can change their medical aid scheme if their medical status changes

FedHealth believes that individuals have different needs and as such provide the appropriate medical aid cover to suit your circumstances. FedHealth is a medical aid company that is constantly looking to better both their products and services to suit the changing times.

For a medical aid company that has its finger on the pulse of a changing world, choose FedHealth today.

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