Discovery medical aid plans

The most comprehensive cover offered by Discovery medical aid plans are found in their Coastal Core and Coastal Classic plans. Under these packages, Discovery will pay the full cost of bills from surgeons and anaesthetists plus they provide chronic medication benefits and emergency transportation cover that include emergency airlift by helicopter. These Discovery medical aid plans also provide for unlimited hospitalization and day-to-day cover of services.

Discovery medical aid plans are designed to meet the needs and budget constraints of their members. Discovery Health is one of the largest providers of medical aid plans in South Africa. They have over 2 million people on their rolls and continue to add more each day.

One of the reasons Discovery medical aid plans are the first choice for health cover is that they are one of the few to allow members to downgrade their cover at any time. This can help if money gets tight. However, members can only upgrade their Discovery medical aid plans once a year.

For people who are looking to pay less and don’t foresee a need for full comprehensive cover, Discovery medical aid plans also include products that cost much less than the Coastal Core and Coastal Classic products. The Coastal Saver will pay some health bills in total and up to 50% on others. Members can fill out the cover on budget Discovery medical aid plans by purchasing have stop gap products. Stop gap products allow you to add cover to use with an existing plan to reduce the cost of services not fully paid. Members can also opt into a savings plan to set aside money in case of medical need.

Discovery medical aid plans also include a product called Classic Comprehensive. This plan offers unlimited hospital benefits and uses the savings plan to pay up to 50% of the bill before the threshold amount is reached and Discovery pays the rest. This plan also allows for unused savings to roll over into the next plans cover. There are several more products offered by Discovery medical aid plans. Sitting with an agent and discussing your needs is the best way to find the right one for you

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