Medical Aid Cover is Vital for Continued Health


Healthcare plans or Medical Aid gives members a number of different options to help them cover the costs of various medical treatments. Some plans cover private hospital bills, whilst others will cover much more than that, such as chronic illnesses and diseases such as cancer and even those people that are HIV positive.

Medical aid schemes are there when you need financial help due to the medical treatments you need when you are ill or unwell. Diseases and injuries have a habit of occurring when you least expect them to, and they can strike down even the healthiest of people with no warning.

For a lot of people, medical aid is something of a luxury rather than a necessity, and this is a bad attitude to take, as they could be putting their lives at risk in the future. It is not point signing up to a medical aid scheme when you are suffering from a serious illness or injury, as most medical aid companies have a probationary period for new members. The probationary period is normally a 3 month waiting period where the new member will be expected to pay their premiums, but they will not be entitled to any help towards the financial costs of their treatments.

Gap cover is also a good idea, as it helps to protect your financial situation, as sometimes a medical aid plan will not always cover the costs of treatments provided by specialists and surgeons. The government set certain rates as a guideline, however, doctors, surgeons and specialists are not obliged to stick to those recommended rates. So without gap cover, if your medical aid scheme covers 100% of the recommended rate, but, your doctor charges 200%, then you are going to have to find the rest of the money. Thankfully, gap cover will help to pay for this shortfall, although it will increase the amount of money that you will be expected to pay on your monthly premiums.

The different kinds of healthcare schemes are there to help people to decide on the level of coverage they need. From basic hospital cover to chronic illness cover, there are medical aid schemes to suit everyone, no matter what their lifestyle and circumstances. This makes choosing a healthcare plan so much easier than just signing up to the first plan that comes along.