Medical Aid Through History

For the majority of people, medical aid is merely an additional element of our lives; however, in reality it was first launched in 1950’s America, and only made its way to the republic of South Africa in the ‘80’s. The original medical aid schemes in the republic of South Africa began life as a hospital cash-back scheme and these schemes are still to be found in lots of countries throughout the globe.

When medical aid schemes were first launched in South Africa in the eighties, it was the only product of its kind available, yet by the end of the decade, in excess of 50,000 policies had been snapped up, sold by medical aid companies such as, Momentum Health.

When the first medical aid packages came available in South Africa, they were limited to groups and were popular with companies who wanted to give their employees some medical cover. Yet in the early years of the 1990’s, individual medical aid schemes became available, and it was not long before there were many different medical aid providers offering medical aid packages.

Amazingly the critical illness cover that nearly all of the main medical aid providers proffer across the globe was originally initiated in the republic of South Africa during the middle of the 1980’s. Not long after critical illness cover became available there was also the option for disability cover as well, and that is when medical aid cover began to look like it does today.

By the mid-nineties, there were a large amount of South African residents who were subscribing to medical aid schemes that included critical illness cover and disability options. This upward trend in South African citizens opting for medical aid, that includes disability and critical illness, continued to rise during the 1990’s, and by the end of the decade, the medical aid market in South Africa was well and truly at the forefront of private medical care.

Since the start of the new millennium most of the medical aid providers such as Momentum Health, have added more and more different ailments and long-term illnesses to the list of things that can now be covered. Illnesses such as AIDS and HIV can now be found on the list of ailments and diseases that can be covered by medical aid policies. For the reason that South Africa has a high rate of people with HIV and AIDS, the inclusion of these illnesses on medical aid policies was seen as a watershed moment in private medical care.

Medical aid schemes such as those being offered by Momentum Health are constantly changing to suit the needs and lifestyles of certain demographics of South African society. This means that all of the companies that are currently offering medical aid schemes have a lot of different policies available for the average consumer to choose from. This can make choosing the right medical aid package a bit of a difficult task for those who are not entirely sure what cover they need.