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Pharos medical aid


Pharos medical aid provides a kind of unusual service to its members based on a philosophy that is uncommon in the health cover industry. Pharos medical aid started in 1994 with the belief that medical aid is for when you are sick and members should be in control of their medical rand. To fulfil this mission, they have created products that revolve around managed, preventative care. Pharos medical aid programmes are not just about the “just in case you need it moments” of health care, but about establishing a consistent relationship with medical providers to prevent illness from happening.

Pharos medical aid assigns each member to a registered nurse who oversees their compliance with basic preventative care and check-ups. Because it is a registered nurse that is involved directly in non-medical emergency care, they have the opportunity to spot the beginnings of an issue before it gets so bad it requires hospital intervention. Nurses can also help you understand better the choices presented to you as care options so you remain in better control of your treatment.

Pharos medical aid programmes guarantee that all claims are paid within 14 days of the received claim date and that hospital claims are resolved within 30 days of the clinical audit. If you are involved with one of the Pharos medical aid savings schemes, any monies left at the end of the year are automatically rolled over into the next.

Pharos medical aid also offers specialized programmes such as their Fortitude programme that is focused on wellness and education, an HIV/AIDS management program, and an extensive list of services for pre-natal and post-natal care. Members can also take advantage of their online education, wellness and rewards programmes. Plus, all Pharos medical aid members receive a regular health newsletter.

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