Bonitas medical aid options

Bonitas medical aid options include a range of cover combinations to provide affordable and adequate health plans to people from all walks of life. They have five categories of aid: Bo comprehensive, Bonsave, Standard, Primary and Boncap. Young people just starting out often choose Boncap. Boncap is a Bonitas medical aid options discount product that provides for preventative care and helps to alleviate the cost of day to day care which includes medication and doctor’s visits. Members can use a savings account setup with Bonitas to put money toward unexpected health crisis or, they can opt to purchase a gap cover if the need arises to cover the gaps in the Boncap aid.

Bonsave is the one of the Bonitas medical aid options developed for young professionals who need preventative care, day to day benefits but do not need to manage chronic conditions. The standard and Bo comprehensive plans are the best choices for people managing chronic ailments or requiring frequent hospital services.

Bonitas medical aid options also include mid and full comprehensive plans. This is ideal for families and seniors as they are the section of the population that is most in need of chronic and regular care. Bonitas medical aid options have different levels of hospital coverage. The premium amount increases the more cover you acquire in a plan but again, if you can wisely use (and afford) acquiring a gap cover when you are in need or even purchasing a limited increase aid plan to temporarily raise the amount of benefits on your plan – you can get your health care needs met.

Before you chose a plan, consider all the possible Bonitas medical aid options carefully. You can afford decent health cover if you wisely combine some of the Bonitas medical aid options with additional gap cover plans. Whatever your budget or need, Bonitas has medical plan options that will work for you.

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