Medical aid quotes

Just like with any other kind of cover, you will need to compare medical aid quotes from several different providers before being able to make an informed decision about which plan to choose. Unlike auto or home cover plans, medical aid quotes require a great deal more specific and personal information before the quote can be generated. You will not find independent web sites offering instant quotes. What you will find are automated forms on the different provider websites that will take your information and then an agent will call you to complete the application before any medical aid quotes are issued.

Medical aid quotes are a result of a process called underwriting. An underwriter looks at your past medical history, current health habits and then assesses your risk for need of medical aid. The less of a risk you represent the lower your medical quotes will be. If you have a history of chronic or dread disease and live a lifestyle that does not encourage wellness, you will see higher medical aid quotes.

Some people can find the process of submitting for medical aid quotes to be intrusive and tiresome but it is a necessary process. While you can offer receive emergency care or even long term care without medical aid cover, it is usually not the best or available when you need it. The emphasis that medical aid quotes will place on including preventative care and wellness programmes in the plans offered to you is to help you manage and control your health and to bring down costs on both sides as you will be less likely to need urgent or specialized care. A with any other kind of cover, don’t just get medical aid quotes from one company; get them from at least three. Check not only the price but the level of cover offered and whether or not the doctors and care facilities in their network are convenient to you.