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LA Health Medical Aid – The Benefits You Need

It is a rather common fact that most of people do not think about their health and the need for …

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Understanding Medical Aid Late Joiners Penalties

There are a number of complex issues that affect medical aid programs and it can be difficult to understand all …

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Preventative Benefits From Pharos Medical Aid

Often when people think about their medical aid they are often thinking about treatment that they might need in future …

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Benefits of Having Bonitas Hospital Plan

We live our lives striving to obtain different needs and desires. These typically include a good job, a nice home, …

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Is Sab Medical Aid The One For You?

The health, happiness, and well-being of your loved ones and yourself are generally at the top of most individuals list …

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Protecting Your Dependents With Afrox Medical Aid

Ensuring that your family and yourself are protected and receive the medical care that they may require from time to …

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A Closer Look At Naspers Medical Aid

South Africa is currently enjoying being one of the most productive nations in the world and with our growing economic …

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Your Life HIV Management From Nampak Medical Aid

With Nampack medical aid, members and their beneficiaries are able to access a number of benefits designed to assist in …

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Get Medical Coverage before Illness Strikes

It happens to all of us at one point or another. We fall ill, have some type of accident or …

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LA Health Medical Aid Focuses On Positive Lifestyle Changes

LA Health medical aid is part of the more well known Discovery Health Ltd. The scheme currently provides cover to …

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