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Is Cheap Medical Aids South Africa Worth the Money?

ID-100102456Prior to joining a medical aids South Africa scheme, it is worth knowing more about it and how it operates. Medical aids South Africa is a scheme that helps to pay for the costs associated with a number of private medical treatments. Those medical treatments can range from anything such as visiting a local GP to staying in hospital for an operation. The amount of cover you can get will depend on which healthcare plan you are a member of. There are some healthcare plans that will simply cover the costs of staying in hospital, whereas there are more comprehensive healthcare plans that will allow you to claim against the costs of everyday medical expenses.

Most medical aid schemes are a contract that last for 12 months, and near the end of that time, you can either renew your existing plan, or you can change plans, or even change to a different medical aid provider altogether. The cost of the medical aid plan will normally be payable over the 12 months in instalments, also known as the premium. The amount you will be expected to pay will depend on how much coverage your plan gives you.

Relying on public health facilities when you are ill or injured can be a problem, as you will have to contend with long waiting times and slow treatment times, as well as poor levels of treatment. For those people that can afford it, private medical aid schemes are there to help with the costs of private medical treatment in South Africa.

The least expensive option is typically a hospital plan. The hospital plan is there to help cushion the financial blow of the medical expenses that you can accrue by having treatment in a private hospital. These plans can be ideal for those people that are of good health generally, but who want the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their hospital expenses are covered in an emergency. These plans will not cover everyday medical expenses, which is something that you are going to have to pay out of your own pocket. However, if you have the means to pay for it, there are more comprehensive healthcare plans available that will cover the costs of a range of day-to-day medical expenses, such as visiting a dentist or optometrist, as well as a local GP.





Why you Need to Consider Medshield Medical Aid

ID-100148654With Medshield Medical Aid, you will find a number of different medical aid packages, and they are designed to meet the needs of many different people. They are also in a position to offer a comprehensive range of wellness tests, which have the benefit of helping to prevent ailments occurring. Preventative medicine as it is known is a great way to avoid health issues in the future with the age old adage of prevention being much better than the cure being apt here.

The company has been providing South African citizens with healthcare plans for more than four decades, and they are one of the biggest and most respected medical aid providers in the country. Not only that, but Medishield offer their members the choice of eight individually tailored healthcare plans at very competitive prices, meaning that Medishield is one of the foremost providers of healthcare in South Africa.

If you do not belong to a medical aid scheme and you receive treatment for a medical condition, this will leave you looking for the money to pay your medical bills. Large medical bills are all too common nowadays thanks to the rising costs of medical treatment, and receiving a large medical bill can often come as a bit of a shock. It is therefore important to make sure that you are a member of a medical aid scheme such as the one provided by Medshield Medical Aid. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the advantages of signing-up to a healthcare plan, such as the ones offered by Medishield.

Medishield healthcare plans start with the option for people that are on low incomes or those people who are looking for a basic level of coverage, and this makes the Core Plus healthcare plan a good all round option. However, if you are searching for a healthcare plan that offers a little bit more, there are plenty more plans to choose from, such as the Standard Plan.

For those people that are looking for a medical health plan that offers a little bit more, the Essential plan, which is ideal for those people with families and partners. For those people that are searching for a healthcare plan that offers a more across-the-board range of coverage, there is the Premium Plus plan, which covers a wide-range of chronic conditions, hospital visits and the costs of surgery etc.


Medical aid comparison

When you get ready to do a medical aid comparison you have to first be aware of what makes all the medical aid offers different. Each type of cover will offer a different level of protection. Each tier of protection also has different premium rates and a different focus that will be underscored when you see the medical aid comparison.  Some medical aid plans will be good for young singles who are just starting out and other are better for families.

Performing a realistic and thorough medical aid comparison is necessary before choosing a medical aid provider in South Africa.  If you choose the wrong home or car cover, the worst that can happen is that you will lose your house or car. That may seem awful, but you can recover from it. Come to the wrong conclusion from your medical aid comparison and your health can be seriously compromised, your financial stability destroyed and you will not be able to start again.

Even if you find yourself in a situation where you need additional benefits that are not provided by your cover, most companies that offer medical aids in South Africa also offer gap cover. Gap cover is a temporary medical aid scheme that provides additional benefits to be used in conjunction with your existing plan. This can help prevent you being overwhelmed by hospital costs.

The Momentum Health Medical Aid Scheme

ID-100102443There are two main types of private medical aid scheme, and they are the open and closed variety. A closed medical aid scheme is only available to membership for people that belong to a certain company or profession, whereas an open medical scheme is available to everyone, regardless of their occupation or circumstances.

Medical aid schemes are not something entirely new to the people of South Africa, and in actual fact, one or more medical aid companies can trace their history back through the decades. For those people that are already a member of a medical aid scheme, they are already reaping and enjoying the benefits of belonging to a medical aid scheme. One of the benefits of belonging to a medical aid scheme such as the one provided by Momentum Health Medical Aid, is that they do not have to wait for a long time to receive a diagnosis or treatment. Public healthcare facilities are overcrowded and under staffed at the best of times, as well as being poorly funded, yet due to the fact that only around a fifth of the South African population belongs to a medical aid scheme, public health facilities are the only choice for a lot of people.

If a person does not keep up to date with their monthly payments for their medical aid scheme, a medical aid company are allowed to terminate the cover immediately. In a closed medical aid scheme, there is also the chance that an employee will have their membership terminated when their employment ends. Although, it can be arranged by some closed medical aid providers that a medical aid scheme can be transferred to another, open medical aid scheme, such as the one offered by Momentum Health Medical Aid.

Most medical aid providers are non-profit organisations, which means that all premiums paid to the company are to be used to cover the costs of the treatments of their members. In addition to this, all medical aid schemes are regulated by the South African government, so they are one of the safest ways to gain access to private medical treatments.

Hopefully, this article has given you a few pointers as to why you need to be a member of a medical aid scheme such as the one offered by Momentum Health Medical Aid, which is one of the most trusted and respected medical aid providers in South Africa.


Discovery medical aid plans

The most comprehensive cover offered by Discovery medical aid plans are found in their Coastal Core and Coastal Classic plans. Under these packages, Discovery will pay the full cost of bills from surgeons and anaesthetists plus they provide chronic medication benefits and emergency transportation cover that include emergency airlift by helicopter. These Discovery medical aid plans also provide for unlimited hospitalization and day-to-day cover of services.

Discovery medical aid plans are designed to meet the needs and budget constraints of their members. Discovery Health is one of the largest providers of medical aid plans in South Africa. They have over 2 million people on their rolls and continue to add more each day.

One of the reasons Discovery medical aid plans are the first choice for health cover is that they are one of the few to allow members to downgrade their cover at any time. This can help if money gets tight. However, members can only upgrade their Discovery medical aid plans once a year.

For people who are looking to pay less and don’t foresee a need for full comprehensive cover, Discovery medical aid plans also include products that cost much less than the Coastal Core and Coastal Classic products. The Coastal Saver will pay some health bills in total and up to 50% on others. Members can fill out the cover on budget Discovery medical aid plans by purchasing have stop gap products. Stop gap products allow you to add cover to use with an existing plan to reduce the cost of services not fully paid. Members can also opt into a savings plan to set aside money in case of medical need.

Discovery medical aid plans also include a product called Classic Comprehensive. This plan offers unlimited hospital benefits and uses the savings plan to pay up to 50% of the bill before the threshold amount is reached and Discovery pays the rest. This plan also allows for unused savings to roll over into the next plans cover. There are several more products offered by Discovery medical aid plans. Sitting with an agent and discussing your needs is the best way to find the right one for you

How to Find Medical Aid Quotes in South Africa Easily

ID-10070928With so many medical aid companies, visiting each of their websites in turn can be a time consuming process, and due to the fact that all of their websites will be set out differently, it can be confusing trying to find the right information that you need to make a detailed comparison. One of the ways in which you can simplify the medical aid quotes in South Africa process is to visit a comparison website.

With so many medical aid companies all vying for your custom, it can be difficult to find the right healthcare plan quickly. Due to the fact that there are around 100 different companies all offering medical aid plans right now, and most of them have more than one healthcare plan to choose from, there are literally hundreds of different healthcare plans to choose from. A lot of these medical aid companies will try and sell you healthcare plans that you neither need nor can afford, and in order to find the right one, you need to sort the wheat from the chaff. The best way to narrow the field when it comes to choosing a medical aid scheme is to find a number of medical aid quotes in South Africa.

A comparison website will ask you to fill in some of your basic details, and then you will be able to see a number of medical aid quotes in South Africa displayed clearly on one screen, side-by-side. This makes the whole process of looking at medical aid quotes for a number of different healthcare plans so much more simple and straightforward, that you will find it much easier to choose the best one that suits your needs and requirements.

When the time comes to choose a medical aid scheme, try to pick one that gives you a level of coverage that you are going to use. It is not always the best plan to just sign up to the cheapest medical aid plan, as you might not be getting the level of medical coverage that you might need to call upon in times of crisis. You should study the small print too, to make sure that there are no restrictions on the type of medical treatment you are likely to need. Plus, it is worth noting that most medical aid companies have a 3 month probationary period for new clients.

The Difference between Private & Public Medical Aid


Public medical aid in South Africa is there for those people that need it and for those that really cannot afford to join a medical aid scheme. Nonetheless, the service is often slow and of poor quality, and if you can find the money each month to pay for even a basic hospital plan through a medical aid provider, then this is going to make such a big difference to you when you do fall ill, that you will wonder how you managed without it.

Private medical aid in South Africa will allow you to see a doctor of your choosing, give birth or receive treatment in a hospital of your choice, as well as allowing you access to dental or optical specialists without long waiting times.

A lot of people that do not have medical insurance often question the benefit of belonging to a medical aid plan. Yet belonging to a medical aid scheme allows you much more choice when you do become ill. Medical Aid in South Africa is currently split between public and private healthcare facilities. If you belong to a private medical aid scheme, you will be entitled to use privately owned medical facilities, which will offer you shorter waiting times and better care. Without a medical aid plan, you will be reliant on the very basic services offered by public healthcare facilities, and as these are overstretched at the best of times, you may have to wait for a long time to be seen.

With any luck, this article has given you a rough idea on how important it is to join a medical aid scheme. The benefits far outweigh the negatives, and it really can make a difference to your life when you need medical treatment.

Medical Aid Cover is Vital for Continued Health


Healthcare plans or Medical Aid gives members a number of different options to help them cover the costs of various medical treatments. Some plans cover private hospital bills, whilst others will cover much more than that, such as chronic illnesses and diseases such as cancer and even those people that are HIV positive.

Medical aid schemes are there when you need financial help due to the medical treatments you need when you are ill or unwell. Diseases and injuries have a habit of occurring when you least expect them to, and they can strike down even the healthiest of people with no warning.

For a lot of people, medical aid is something of a luxury rather than a necessity, and this is a bad attitude to take, as they could be putting their lives at risk in the future. It is not point signing up to a medical aid scheme when you are suffering from a serious illness or injury, as most medical aid companies have a probationary period for new members. The probationary period is normally a 3 month waiting period where the new member will be expected to pay their premiums, but they will not be entitled to any help towards the financial costs of their treatments.

Gap cover is also a good idea, as it helps to protect your financial situation, as sometimes a medical aid plan will not always cover the costs of treatments provided by specialists and surgeons. The government set certain rates as a guideline, however, doctors, surgeons and specialists are not obliged to stick to those recommended rates. So without gap cover, if your medical aid scheme covers 100% of the recommended rate, but, your doctor charges 200%, then you are going to have to find the rest of the money. Thankfully, gap cover will help to pay for this shortfall, although it will increase the amount of money that you will be expected to pay on your monthly premiums.

The different kinds of healthcare schemes are there to help people to decide on the level of coverage they need. From basic hospital cover to chronic illness cover, there are medical aid schemes to suit everyone, no matter what their lifestyle and circumstances. This makes choosing a healthcare plan so much easier than just signing up to the first plan that comes along.

Understanding the Medihelp Hospital Plan

7142786421_48cc19cdc0When it comes to protecting the health and well-being of your family, many things have to be taken into consideration. You have to consider everything from diet, exercise, to the medical aid that you have. Ensuring that you and your family eat healthy is among the easiest things you can do, being active is something else that you can do that does not have to cost you a single cent. When it comes to the last of the three things, medical aid, that is one of the most difficult things to find and get for your family and yourself.

One of the best providers of medical aid is Medihelp. The have different plans that you can choose from when looking to get the coverage you need when emergencies happen. If you need a Medihelp hospital plan, there are different ones from which to choose. These plans, depending on which one you select, will provide you with an assortment of coverage.  Dependent upon the type of plan that you have chosen, you may be responsible for paying a co-payment when you have procedures done in the hospital. In other cases, you will not be responsible for these co-payments.

A key factor to having a Medihelp hospital plan, is that prior to admittance into the hospital for any planned procedure, you are required to register ahead of time. This is necessary as if the procedure that you are going into the hospital is not covered, or only certain aspects to it are covered, you may need to have funds available ahead of time. In the case of emergencies where you are rushed to the hospital, there is no need for those visits to be pre-authorized, as they are an exception to the rule.

Another thing to consider when it comes to your Medihelp hospital plan is what type of treatments and medications are covered once you have been released from the hospital. Medications that you require following your treatment that you can obtain from the hospital’s pharmacy, are included in the hospital’s account, or are related to your condition, the reason you were admitted, might all be covered by your plan. If you can only afford a hospital plan, make sure you choose the plan that will cover everything you may need while in the hospital having your procedure done and any follow-up visits and medications to ensure your full recovery.

South African Medical Aids

3030428936_f41c830dd8Medical aid in South Africa consists of a large number of medical aid companies, all of which offer a wide range of healthcare plans that are available to everyone. Some South African Medical Aids are only open to membership from people in certain professions, such as the South African Police Force, doctors, government employees etc. Other medical aid schemes are open to everyone, and even that has not been enough to entice large sections of the South African public to sign up to one.

A recent survey has suggested that fewer than 1 in 5 South African residents are currently a member of a medical aid scheme, and this means that most people are still reliant on the medical facilities that are provided by the South African government. The problem with this attitude to private medical aid is that too many people are currently using these publicly owned healthcare facilities, and this is therefore putting an enormous strain on them. Long waiting times, and poor medical treatment and run down facilities are all that people can expect from a government owned medical facility, such as a hospital or other treatment centre.

South African Medical Aids have been around for a surprisingly long time, and some medical aid providers have been providing their members with access to medical aid facilities for decades. Some medical aid schemes are only open to people from specific walks of life, such as doctors, nurses, politicians and local government workers for example. However, most medical aid schemes in South Africa are open to everyone, regardless of their medical history, background, job or circumstances.

Medical aid healthcare plans range from basic hospital plans, to more comprehensive plans that allow for the payment of treatments for everyday medical care and chronic medical conditions. Hospital healthcare plans are there for people that just want to be covered against the possibility of having to undergo treatment in a private hospital. These are people that can either afford to pay for their day to day medical expenses or those people that are on low incomes and cannot afford to join a more comprehensive medical aid healthcare plan.

As you can see, joining a South African Medical Aids healthcare scheme is much more beneficial than relying on medical assistance from government owned medical aid schemes. You will have far more access to quality medical care and you will not have to put up with long waiting times either.