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What are Medical Aid Schemes?

ID-100128775If you are currently without any form of medical aid cover, then not only are you putting yourself at risk, you could be risking the continued good health of your family too. Plenty of people leave their fitness and wellbeing to chance, and that is something that can lead to problems further down the line. The problem with not having adequate medical aid cover is that you could find yourself desperately searching for the money to pay for your treatment. This can then lead to more stress and worry for you and your family at a time when you need to be concentrating on your recuperation. Not only that, but you could very well be opening yourself up to money problems in the future.

In the past it was evident that a lot of people could not afford private medical aid schemes, however, there are now so many medical aid schemes to choose from, even people on low incomes are not excluded from being a member. The problem is, the myth of expensive medical premiums still exists, and is something that permeates through South African society. The truth is completely different, and if you are on a low income then you will find that there are plenty of healthcare plans available for you to join.

Hospital plans are some of the most popular types of healthcare plan, due to the fact that they take the financial sting out of paying for expensive hospital treatment. These plans are ideal for those people that are young, fit and healthy, but who want the peace of mind that comes with knowing that they are covered for emergencies. Medical treatment in hospital is amongst the most expensive treatments that you can get, and that is why there is a need to make sure that you are covered against the cost of specialist treatment.

In addition to hospital plans, which offer basic levels of cover, there are other plans that offer a much broader range of medical aid, and these are ideal for those people that need help with their day-to-day medical expenses. These plans often cover such things as dental and optical treatments, the costs of medications and treatment for a whole range of chronic conditions, as well as such things as prosthetics. All of which will be in addition to the unlimited amount of hospital treatment that you would expect in the basic package.

What Fedhealth Medical Aid has to offer you

ID-100121240Fedhealth Medical Aid has been providing quality healthcare plans to the people of South Africa for over three quarters of a century, so they know just how to target their healthcare plans so that you get the right plan. In this article, we will take a look at some of the options you will find on one of the country’s leading providers of healthcare plans, Fedhealth.

The beauty of Fedhealth Medical Aid is the fact that they have 7 unique healthcare packages that are tailored to suit the needs of people at different stages of their lives. The basic plan is the Maxima Entryplan, and this healthcare scheme has been designed for those people that are young, single and are able to pay towards their medical bills when the odd ailment strikes. However, these are the people that will want the peace of mind that comes with knowing that they are covered for the costs of visits and stays in hospital should they need to. Their Maxima Basis healthcare plan is ideal for those people that are living as part of a couple and who may wish to start a family in the near future, with much more cover available.

As well as some of the more basic plans, there are also a number of more comprehensive plans that are suited to people with families, executives and those people that are able to afford a more all-embracing healthcare plan. Starting with the Maxima Standard, moving on to the Maxima Exec and finishing with the Maxima Plus, these are some of the more exclusive healthcare plans that Fedhealth Medical Aid has to offer.

Living a healthy life is something for which many of us take for granted, and when illness or injury strike it can often be through no fault of our own. Nevertheless, not having the most suitable healthcare coverage could lead you to facing the problems of having to pay excessive amounts of money to cover your medical bills. Either that, or you may find that your treatment is stopped before it is completed, leaving you in limbo.

There are still too many people that are gambling with their health and the health of their loved ones at a time when premiums for medical aid are at their lowest, so there really is no excuse not to have some form of medical aid cover.

Why Choose the Liberty Medical Scheme?

10962644645_d3955d915cThere are many benefits to being a member of a medical aid plan, least of all the fact that there will not be the need to pay hefty medical bills. Staying in hospital for a long period of time can cost a lot of money, yet there are still loads of people that do not belong to a good medical aid scheme.

Many companies offer their employees the chance to sign up to a medical plan that their company is in partnership with, and usually the payments for the scheme are taken directly from the employee’s wages. Nevertheless, there are many companies out there that do not offer any sort of medical aid whatsoever, and if you belong to such a company, then it will be up to you to find one.

Due to the fact that there are still a lot of people that do not belong to any kind of health plan, companies such as Liberty Medical Scheme are able to offer feature packed financial packages for a competitive rate of payment.

Finding out about the kinds of health plans that you can sign up to is easy, as all you need to do is to log-in to the Liberty Medical Scheme website, where you will find that there are many different health plans to choose from. The health plans that Liberty Medical Scheme have to offer range from the basic, to the more comprehensive and plans that cater for visits and stays in hospital.

It is important that you take your time to find the best health plan, one that suits your circumstances and your lifestyle. There are health plans for people that are young and single, for those that are elderly or in need of constant medical attention, as well as people with families or with children on the way. Making sure that you choose the right plan means that you will not be paying for medical cover that you do not need, neither will you be left short of medical cover for things you do need it for. Due to the fact that people’s circumstances change, a lot of medical aid schemes are flexible, allowing you to add or remove elements that are needed or no longer required, such as adding pregnancy cover for example.

Signing up to a health plan makes sense, not only financially, but also in order to look after your health and the health of your family.


Why Joining Resolution Health Medical Aid Makes Sense

7142787119_9d1504961bA lot of people are gambling with their health and the health of their loved ones by neglecting to have the right amount of medical cover. Even people on low incomes can now realistically afford medical aid cover thanks to medical aid providers such as Resolution Health Medical Aid offering a range of different healthcare plans. Due to the sheer amount of competition, the healthcare market in South Africa has seen one of the biggest ever lowering of premiums in years. This is for the reason that there are now so many companies vying for customers, that more and more of them are lowering the costs of their healthcare plans in order to attract new customers.

If you are already a member of a healthcare plan, and that plan is soon up for renewal, then you may want to renegotiate with them, or look elsewhere for a cheaper medical aid plan, which offers you the same level of coverage as you have now. If your current medical aid provider is under the impression that you will be leaving them for someone less expensive, then they may very well match any quotes that you have been given from other medical aid providers.

There are still a lot of people living in South Africa that are relying on government run medical facilities in order to get their treatment. This is fine, if you do not mind the lengthy waiting times to be seen by a doctor, and the even longer waiting times for treatment. Not only that, but you could end up getting a poor level of service compared to using a private hospital for your treatment.

Companies such as Resolution Health Medical Aid offer a wide range of different healthcare plans to suit all medical requirements and budgets. Their Foundation Option is one of the best around, and not only does it cover hospital treatments, but it also covers some day to day medical expenses, such as access to a doctor and dental treatment. For those people that are fit, young and in general good health, or just those people that can afford to pay for their day to day medical treatment, there is the Resolution Medical Aid Hospital Plan. This plan covers the costs of lengthy spells of treatment or visits to hospital for treatment, and this is well worth doing as hospital treatment costs are expensive.




Why Medical Aid for Pets is a Smart Idea

ID-10033441Medical treatment for pets can be costly these days, and it is a good idea to make sure that you avoid paying expensive vet fees with Medical Aid for Pets. In the past, pet insurance was almost unheard of, and it has only been in the past couple of decades that medical insurance for animals has gained in popularity. Advances in pet medicine’s mean that there are more cures and treatments available to help an ailing animal, however, these treatments do not come cheap, and in order to help with the costs, more people than ever before are turning to pet insurance. In this article, we will take you through some of the things that you should and should not do when searching for medical aid schemes for your pet.

Searching for medical care schemes for your pet is just as similar to looking for medical aid schemes for yourself or your loved ones. The best place to search for Medical Aid for Pets is on the internet, as here you will be able to find which companies offer this particular kind of insurance. You should avoid just settling for the first insurance company that you come across, and instead it is worth looking for quotes from several insurance companies. This will help you to compare costs to cover ratios and that in turn will help you to make an informed decision on which policy is best for your needs and the needs of your pet.

The next thing you should do is to make sure that you are familiar with your pet’s medical history, as it may be that your pet has a particular reoccurring problem that may need medical attention in the past. This is then something which you can check is covered within your pet insurance policy. One thing to be wary of when you start looking for pet insurance is that some companies try to offer more cover than you might actually need. This means you end up paying for cover for something that is not going to affect your pet in anyway whatsoever and that is just wasted money.

Choosing the right pet insurance provider can be a bit of a chore, as well as time consuming, however, it is worth taking some time over in order to avoid getting the wrong cover, or cover your pet does not need.

Why You Need to Consider Discovery Medical Aid Options

6358596747_18647bef8eVery few people like to consider the possibility of illness or an accident rendering them unable to look after themselves or their loved ones, however, the truth is that this is the sort of scenario that can crop up at any time. In a world where we insure almost everything, cars, home contents, computers and smartphones, there are still a lot of people that do not insure themselves against illness or injury.

The expenses that can accrue due to private medical care can be enormous and they can cause a great strain on a person’s personal finances. Being a member of a good medical aid scheme is one of the best ways in which a person can cover themselves against illness or injury.

If you are looking for medical aid cover then you might want to consider taking a closer look at Discovery Medical Aid Options, even if you can only afford a basic healthcare plan, it is much better to have a little protection rather than none at all, for when illness strikes.

One thing that you will notice about Discovery Medical Aid Options is that there are a number of different healthcare plans to choose from. The entry level healthcare plans typically only cover the expenses that come with staying or visiting hospital for treatment. These can be some of the most costly medical procedures, and it is a good idea to be covered against this even if you think that you are of generally good health.

If you are looking for a healthcare plan that offers more in the way of care, then there are plenty of different healthcare plans to choose from. All of the healthcare plans offered by Discovery Health come with hospital cover included, however, they will differ in the amount of additional cover they provide, and the cost will vary accordingly. It is important that you study just what is covered and what isn’t as you do not want to end up paying for maternity cover if you are a single male for example, in the same way that you want to make sure that you are covered against the things you so want.

Choosing to join a medical aid scheme now, could make all the difference later on in your life, especially those times when things go wrong and you need urgent medical attention.


Why you should Choose Selfmed Medical Aid

4007496605_d7d83870b4Founded in 1965, Selfmed Medical Aid has been providing simple and affordable healthcare plans for generations. In that time, they have grown to become one of the leading providers of medical aid plans in South Africa, and there members are rewarded with affordable monthly premiums and top quality healthcare services. In this article we will take a closer look at Selfmed and some of their healthcare options.

Selfmed Medical Aid prides itself on putting its members first, and that means that they are able to offer an individually tailored healthcare plan for everyone, because everybody’s medical needs are different. Due to their popularity, they are able to keep increases on their monthly premiums to a minimum each year, whilst still retaining the same levels of healthcare coverage.

Selfmed Medical Aid is able to offer their members a range of healthcare options that are simple to understand and meet the needs of modern life. Because they pride themselves on their customer care policy, they never take risks that could cause financial difficulties within the company, as many other medical aid schemes have failed in the past due to poor investments.

In order to simplify the whole medical aid system, they have done away with the jargon associated with medical aid schemes, as well as offering a simple selection of healthcare plans which have been designed to meet the medical needs of people in the 21st century.

Being a member of a medical aid scheme was once seen as a luxury; however, it is now seen as more of a necessity as more people wind up in local government owned health facilities. This has the knock on effect of putting these facilities under tremendous strain, and that then leads to long waiting times for both diagnosis and treatments, as well as the possibilities of not getting a very good standard of service.

When you sign up to a medical aid scheme you are not only looking after your health and well-being, you are also taking care of any future problems that might arise. It is also worth bearing in mind that you are likely to see your circumstances change in the future, so it is important that you review your level of medical coverage at regular intervals. That way you know that you are covered against the types of illnesses or ailments that might afflict you in later life.

Why you should Sign-Up to Discovery Medical Aid Plans


Discovery Medical Aid has been providing healthcare plans for a number of years, and they currently have a number of healthcare packages that can cover a number of different ailments and situations. There are still far too many people in South Africa that do not have anything like the right amount of medical aid cover, and a lot more do not have any cover at all. In this article, we will take a closer look at the advantages of signing up to a healthcare plan through Discovery Medical Aid.

The old excuse of not being able to afford to belong to a medical aid scheme is not valid now, as many medical aid companies offer plans to suit even the tightest of budgets. Discovery Medical Aid Plans are no exception, and there are a number of different healthcare packages to choose from, all covering a multitude of different medical needs and situations. From emergency cover to hospital stays and from chronic illness cover to pregnancy care.

If you do not have medical aid cover, or you think that your medical aid package is not the right one for you, then finding the right one is as easy as looking on the internet. There are many healthcare plans being offered by various companies online, however, Discovery Medical Aid Plans are among the most competitively priced, as well as covering a wide range of ailments and emergency situations.

The healthcare schemes that Discovery Health offer include, Core Series, KeyCare Series, Saver Series, Priority Series, Comprehensive Series and the Executive Plan. All of these healthcare plans offer something a little bit different, and choosing the right one will come down to two factors, your personal circumstances and how much money you have to spend. The amount of cover that you will need will depend on your own personal circumstances, and people with families or the elderly should sign up to a plan that covers them and their loved ones across a wide range of conditions. Whereas, someone who is young, single and in overall good health may just need to be covered against emergency visits to hospital.

Becoming a member of a medical aid scheme is the best way to ensure the health of you and any family you might have for now and in the future, as you never know when illness and injury will strike.

Choosing Healthcare Plans from One Plan Medical Aid

4133664894_e632fed0a4Acquiring suitable medical aid is something that will help you in the event that you have a medical emergency, as it will allow you to receive the best possible treatment without the worry of paying large medical expenses. In this article we will look at one such medical aid provider.

When you become a member with One Plan Medical Aid, you can sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that you are going to be covered against any unexpected medical bills. That then leaves you to concentrate on getting yourself back to fall fitness, rather than worrying about how to pay for your treatment.

There are some things that you need to do before you sign up to a medical aid plan, and the first thing you should do is to make sure that you read and understand the terms and conditions before signing. Another thing you need to be sure of is that the healthcare plan you have chosen actually covers you for the things you need. Due to the fact that there are so many medical aid companies out there at the moment, you need to make sure that you are joining one that offers the best possible coverage. That is why the people at One Plan Medical Aid have tried to simplify the medical aid process by limiting the amount of healthcare plans that they have to offer.

One Plan Medical Aid have designed their medical aid plans to offer a range of elements that would suit a large percentage of their customers. From hospital and healthcare only plans, to plans that cover both healthcare and hospital visits, there is a healthcare plan to suit everybody.

Staying healthy should be something that is top of everyone’s priorities, and that means looking after your health in the best way possible. This can only really be achieved by seeking out a good level of coverage from a healthcare plan. Many people seem to want to gamble with their health for the sake of saving a bit of money each month, and one of the biggest excuses for not having suitable medical cover is because they think it is too expensive. However, by making a few changes to your finances and cutting down on unnecessary expenditure, even people on low incomes will be able to find a healthcare plan that will suit their limited budget.

Genesis Medical Aid Benefits

A lot of companies offer their employees the chance to sign up to a health scheme that allows them to get medical cover at a reduced cost, with the cost of the premiums being taken directly from their monthly wages. However, there are a lot of smaller companies that are not in a position to offer this service, and that means having to find a medical aid scheme to sign up to.4531270116_feb8502a6f

There are certain advantages of choosing your own private medical health plan, such as choosing the elements that you need and not having to put up with elements you do not need. At Genesis Medical Aid, there are a number of health plans that have been designed to help those people that are searching for a health plan, find the right one.

A health plan that companies might offer, may only cover the risk of mishaps and illness that may result from working for their company, and this could be a problem should you fall ill. You may find that falling ill due to factors outside of the company you work for, could leave you facing hefty medical bills, as well as the financial problems that come from not being able to get into work.

Getting info regarding the different health plans offered by companies such as Genesis Medical Aid is as easy as looking on their website, where you will find all of the information you need in order to choose the right medical aid scheme. You will also be able to contact the company if you have any queries that might crop up.

With a private health plan, you and your family can be covered against all kinds of illness and injury, with a company medical scheme, you might find the coverage lacking when you need it most. Some of the elements of a good private medical plan include the payments of the sizeable bills that come from lengthy spells in hospital, access to a GP, dental costs and help with paying for prescription drugs and rehabilitation.

Joining a medical aid scheme is as quick and easy as filling in some forms, either over the phone or on the company website. Signing up to a Genesis Medical Aid plan is a great way to get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that both you and your family are covered against any unexpected illness or injury.