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Why Joining Resolution Health Medical Aid Makes Sense

7142787119_9d1504961bA lot of people are gambling with their health and the health of their loved ones by neglecting to have the right amount of medical cover. Even people on low incomes can now realistically afford medical aid cover thanks to medical aid providers such as Resolution Health Medical Aid offering a range of different healthcare plans. Due to the sheer amount of competition, the healthcare market in South Africa has seen one of the biggest ever lowering of premiums in years. This is for the reason that there are now so many companies vying for customers, that more and more of them are lowering the costs of their healthcare plans in order to attract new customers.

If you are already a member of a healthcare plan, and that plan is soon up for renewal, then you may want to renegotiate with them, or look elsewhere for a cheaper medical aid plan, which offers you the same level of coverage as you have now. If your current medical aid provider is under the impression that you will be leaving them for someone less expensive, then they may very well match any quotes that you have been given from other medical aid providers.

There are still a lot of people living in South Africa that are relying on government run medical facilities in order to get their treatment. This is fine, if you do not mind the lengthy waiting times to be seen by a doctor, and the even longer waiting times for treatment. Not only that, but you could end up getting a poor level of service compared to using a private hospital for your treatment.

Companies such as Resolution Health Medical Aid offer a wide range of different healthcare plans to suit all medical requirements and budgets. Their Foundation Option is one of the best around, and not only does it cover hospital treatments, but it also covers some day to day medical expenses, such as access to a doctor and dental treatment. For those people that are fit, young and in general good health, or just those people that can afford to pay for their day to day medical treatment, there is the Resolution Medical Aid Hospital Plan. This plan covers the costs of lengthy spells of treatment or visits to hospital for treatment, and this is well worth doing as hospital treatment costs are expensive.




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