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Keyhealth Medical Aid Healthcare Plans

ID-100102400Having access to the best medical care available is important, none more so than when unexpected illness or injury strikes you or your loved ones. Nonetheless, there are is a large percentage of the South African population that still does not have suitable medical aid cover.

One of the reasons why people do not have medical cover is that they are under the erroneous impression that private medical aid is far too expensive for them. It is true that this used to be the case when there were only a small number of medical aid providers, however, due to the rise in the number of companies that can now offer healthcare plans, the prices have fallen quite dramatically in recent years. The fall in the cost of monthly premiums now means that more people than ever before can afford to sign up to a medical aid package, even those people on low incomes. Keyhealth Medical Aid is one such company that is in a position to offer low cost medical aid schemes to those people on low incomes.

From the most basic healthcare plans, to something with a more wide-ranging coverage, Keyhealth Medical Aid can offer healthcare plans that will suit all budgets and needs. If you are on a low income or you are young and only wish to have a basic level of cover, then the Essence Plan is the one that you should sign-up for. With the Essence Plan you get cover for hospital visits and stays, and this is the entry level healthcare scheme. For those people that have a bit more money, or who require intensive medical attention, there are many other options available, such as the silver, gold and platinum options. In addition to all of their 5 healthcare plans, Keyhealth Medical Aid also offer what they call their “health booster”, which is a program that is aimed at helping people to prevent illness with preventative measures.

As you can see, there are many more advantages to disadvantages when it comes to choosing a personal healthcare plan. Even if you are young and fit and you think that do not need medical aid cover at the moment, you never know when a medical emergency may arise, and you could very well find yourself in hospital. At least if you have hospital cover you will know that you do not have to worry about unpaid medical bills.



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