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Medimed Scheme

7142787531_4cd4442270The Medimed Medical Scheme is an Eastern Cape based group that focuses on providing its members this medical care facility that expands to include a host of different elements. The way the scheme operates shoes that the active employees and their beneficiaries will the basic members of the plan. The plan also covers the retired members and beneficiaries. Usually, the conditions and terms stated in the medical aid program are complex as there are several other plans.

Many of the consumers of Medimed Medical Scheme consider it as one that gives the best value for the amount paid for the services. Also, many other options are offered from the scheme , they all have separate advantages with differentiate them.

The Four Product Groups

Alpha is one of the first product groups of Medimed Medical Scheme. They are co-payment schemes. The scheme covers complete bills for the hospitalization. For the non-admission, great plans are still offered as the costumer can get around 75 percent of the Medimed Medical Scheme Tariff rates. Dental, auxiliary costs and acute medication requirements are typically covered up to 60 percent of the tariff.

Medisave Max is the second product line the company focuses on delivering with great service. This product carries the most comprehensive package for medical treatement. A feature offered by this product is unlimited coverage for the hospitalization benefits in various private hospitals and medical centers.

We can say another perk of the Medisave Max is the chronic medication coverage, it also covers a long list of Prescribed Minimum Benefits. In short, this product has offered the market an extra R3000 for each beneficiary. Around 25 percent of the monthly premium paid into the savings account serves as the day to day benefits of the product.

Medisave Standard is the third product line offered by the company. On this product, any costs incurred by the patient while inside the hospital are paid for appropriately. Of course, the ceiling limits of Medisave Max are higher compared to this one. For the Chronic conditions and benefits, the beneficiaries are given this R1,500 for a total of R3,000 per family.

One of the most extensive in the market is the Managed Care Program of the Medimed Medical Scheme. Coverage of hospitalization from preferred providers comes with it. Just those who are allowed to administer treatments for patients are usually a list of committed providers. General Practitioners covered under this list are typically those structured under the Nelson Mandela Metropole.


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