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Momentum Medical Aid Reviewed

10962644645_d3955d915cA time may come where one may be plagued as a result of accidents which will disturb your future spending and even current finances because of the cost you will have to spend on your medical treatment.

The wisest way to cushion the effects of these incidents is to get a medical aid scheme. Momentum Medical aid is among the top aid schemes in South Africa.

Momentum as a company was established in 1966. The company has now become one of the leaders with regards to South African medical aid history. The name Momentum came about in 1973 as the previous company acquired the Momentum Assurance Corporation.

Momentum gives room for one medical aid program. Its health aid program can be changed or modifies at any time based on the specific needs of the individual, this shows the flexibility of the program.

Momentum advertises its medical aid scheme as extremely flexible. However, the main advantage of Momentum Medical Aid is that it allows a member to save up to 35 percent of his invested money. This can be done for the member if he chooses specific providers on Momentum’s network.

Apart from this, Momentum Medical Aid proves to be useful for the average man because of its inherent advantages. For instance, Momentum Medical Aid offers up to 4 free visits to a general practitioner.

Other features of their medical aid plan include a unique maternity program, health assessment every year, flu vaccines every year, dental check up every year, baby immunizations, emergency evacuation, and even free preventive care.

The Momentum Medical Aid scheme has a very beneficial Health Returns feature which allows members to recoup some of their money. According to this feature, a Momentum Medical Aid member can earn up to R5 400.

This money is accessible to people who have their Medical Returns amount paid into their Health Saver account while using the Multiply feature. Multiply is a form of membership within the Momentum Medical Aid scheme which is designed to help people recoup their investment.

While the maximum that an individual can get through Health Returns is R5 400, there are provisions for lower amounts as well. For instance, if you are only a Momentum Medical member then you can get up to R1 800 every year for every adult.


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