Spotlight On Hosmed Medical Aid Plans

ID-10033441When it comes to securing access to health care, most South Africans just want a medical aid scheme which is straightforward and easy for them to understand. That is exactly what Hosmed medical aid strive to offer to their members. This particular medical aid scheme is available to both the private and public sectors in South Africa. The Hosmed medical aid scheme was first established in the late eighties with the goal of securing health care for civil employees, but it has now grown at a steady rate and now boasts around 34,000 members.

The key thing that most people look for in a medical aid program is a good selection of benefits at an affordable rate. There are three main plans offered by Hosmed medical aid all of which certainly offer a great combination of benefits that do not carry exorbitant premiums.

The Hosmed Step Option

The basic level of medical aid offered to the public is the Step Option which offers admission to any state run medical facility including hospitals, clinics and treatment centres. These admissions do need to be backed with a pre-authorisation slip. The plan also offers a number of high risk benefits including coverage for chronic illness that does not exclude HIV and AIDS. This is something that many other schemes charge a surcharge for, although the Hosmed medical aid do pace several protocols on this cover. However, HIV management cases will only be approved if the patient is a member of the scheme prior to treatment beginning.

The Hosmed Value Option

If the step plan does not seem the right fit, then the mid level plan may be a better option. The Hosmed Value Option offers most of the same benefits that the Step Option does, but one of the main additions is that this particular scheme option offers a very attractive day to day option which covers over the counter medication with a limit of R500 per family or R120 per prescription. Additional cover offered also includes treatment for mental health issues, physiotherapy and alternative therapies.

The Hosmed Plus Option

At the top level of the scale, Hosmed medical aid offer the Plus Option plan. This is the most fully comprehensive plan offered by the scheme. The over the counter medication usage limits are higher with an annual family limit of R850 and a per prescription maximum of R180. The plan also includes cover for prescription medication. There are also some increases in the day to day benefits.

The important thing to keep in mind if you feel that Hosmed medical aid is an appropriate choice for you is that you need to decide what your needs are prior to choosing a plan. This means taking a closer look at the benefits offered and also at the general health of you and your family members.