Spotlight On Transmed Medical Aid Plans

Transmed is one of the many private medical aid programs which can provide you a quote from. Transmed medical aid have a huge range of health care related services which is one of the reasons that they are considered to be one of South Africa’s premier medical aid providers. One of the key selling points for Transmed is that their policies offer a large range of benefits which can be extended to the primary member’s immediate family.


A Closer Look at the Transmed Medical Aid Program

The main focus of Transmed medical aid programs lies in taking into consideration the people who require the medical coverage. One example of this is the fact that when members are signed up via their employer, even in the event of them being terminated due to disability, ill-health or retirement the deal agreed with Transmed will still apply. This means that even if updates are made to the plan after the member’s employment is terminated, the new benefits will still apply.

As noted, Transmed offers a range of different medical aid plans to their members. The three most popular Transmed medical aid plans are:

  • State Plus Network
  • State Plus Own Choice
  • Private Network Saver

The State Plus Network plan can offer members a wide range of benefits including the day to day services of clinics and physicians and will allow for hospitalization in either State enhanced or basic medical facilities, while the State Plus Own Choice plan will also allow for state owned medical centers.

If a member prefers to opt for care in a private hospital, then they can do so, but only if the hospital or clinic is one of the Transmed Private Hospital Network. However, acceptance can only occur if admittance to such a facility can be considered involuntary. For instance, if the required treatment is only available at a private facility. This can include both planned treatment and emergency care.

Managed Care Programmes From Transmed

Transmed medical aid also offers managed care programs designed for the over 60’s. One such program is the Eldercare system which offers support not only for the elder,but also for their family members. Eldercare promotes ‘healthy aging’ and will allow members to become further educated in dealing with the illnesses that commonly affect older people. In addition to the Eldercare system, Transmed also offer HIV care programs and Oncology care. These managed care programmes are intended to help members find the most appropriate treatment and care as well as support them in living a normal life as much as is possible.