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Why You Should Consider Medical Aid


Why You Should Consider Medical Aid

The expense of medical care in South Africa is incredibly pricey. The typical resident that has
an insurance plan, generally continues to have to struggle simply to meet even the lowest
of payments. The benefit of instead opting for a medical aid program is that patients can get
assistance with the cost of their medical treatment, but without as much expense as an insurance
policy would incur. Statistics show that only 20 percent of South Africa’s 50 million people have a
healthcare plan and this is usually because of the strain that the insurance premiums can put on
the household budget. Unless a member of your family has an ongoing illness it can be tempting
to decide not to lay out the expense. However, at we can help you to find
affordable health care to suit your budget.

There are many benefits to having a health care plan in place including giving you the chance to
choose where you are treated and offers the ability to make routine dental and optical exams
rather than have to wait in a queue at a walk in clinic. The biggest benefit comes form the peace
of mind that when you need medical care, you can get it without having to panic about the
cost as great deal of your treatment is covered by your medical aid scheme. Some aspects of
healthcare are covered by the risk benefit portion of your medical aid cover as this is designed
to ensure that your general health is good thus reducing the likelihood of you requiring more
expensive treatment. A lot of people are unaware of this and as a result do not take advantage of
the benefits. It is important to check with your medical aid provider exactly what you are entitled
to. Many providers will cover childhood vaccinations, flu shots, pap smears, mammograms and
screening tests for cholesterol, blood sugar, HIV/AIDS and prostrate issues.

Medical aid programs do require a monthly premium to be paid, but the advantages are well
worth the outlay and much they are typically much more affordable than standard health
insurance. We aim to help you find the best medical aid program for you at the most affordable
cost by allowing you to compare the best deals from South Africa’s top providers.

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