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Bestmed medical aid


Bestmed medical aid offers a broad range of health covers that range from comprehensive plans to budget aid for those who do not need extensive hospital and chronic disease cover. One of the reasons that Bestmed medical aid is able to offer plans that are affordable is they have been able to keep their operating costs below 6% of their revenue. That kind of administrative discipline not only keeps their plan rates low but also, shows that they pay attention to detail. If a company pays that much attention to detail in their administrative concerns it is safe to assume that they will pay attention to your health concerns as well. What most people do not understand about medical aid schemes is that as a business, Bestmed medical aid will profit more if you are healthy rather than when you are ill.

Bestmed medical aid offers three categories of medical aid plans – the Beat, the Pace and the Pulse. The Bestmed medical aid Beat plan has three separate schemes for care. All of the Beat plans are aimed towards younger members who are in good health, interested in preventative care and may just be starting their families. The Bestmed Pace plans offers four levels of service that begin to rise in care offerings to meet the needs of established families and older members who are beginning to need chronic care. The Pulse options are two plans that are geared at working professionals who want comprehensive coverage but also, greater choice in providers and good rates.

No matter what Bestmed medical aid scheme you choose, you can be sure that as you grow your family and life, Bestmed will be able to keep up with you. Their driving goal is to provide affordable and practical cover to members with an emphasis on making preventative care accessible.

  1. sue mulder
    sue mulder07-22-2012

    Please could you e mail me a quote for the Pulse medical scheme.thank you

  2. Lebohang

    i need a qoute emailed to me for the Bestmed medical aid.

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