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Genesis medical aid


Genesis medical aid provides medical schemes that are affordable to a wide range of people. Genesis medical aid works with care facilities to negotiate good terms for their members and prides themselves on their administrative efficiency because it helps to keep their operating costs down, allowing them to be able to offer members affordable and adequate cover schemes. Unlike many medical aid providers, Genesis medical aid has also placed importance on being accessible to their members and has made an effort to keep their claims forms, benefit descriptions and other services as easy to read and understand as they can.

Genesis medical aid offers three different levels of comprehensive hospital plans plus other medical aid covers. Their comprehensive hospital plans are called Private, Private Plus and Private Comprehensive. Each hospital plan is designed to provide for hospitalization for chronic, emergency and special conditions. They provide benefits for doctor and specialist visits, day to day care, out patient treatments and medication. The other medical aid plans they offer have different levels of cover from the basic to the comprehensive. Each medical plan can have a hospital plan added to it to increase the cover. You could get a basic medical aid plan but choose a comprehensive hospital cover. Members do this if they would not need the comprehensive medical plan that will include a focus on wellness but do need a comprehensive hospital plan as they are managing a chronic illness or, due to age, have an increased likelihood of hospitalization.

Many younger members who are in good health opt out of picking up a Genesis medical aid hospital plan as their likelihood of needing it will be low. This allows them to select a lower cost, basic Genesis medical aid plan that still allows them adequate cover. Genesis medical aid hospital plans can be added to existing cover as a form of gap cover should a need for them arises.

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