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Key health medical aid


Key health medical aid offers a vast array of medical cover that come packaged in tier plans so you can pick the one that is most affordable to you and provides the cover that you need. Key health is an open medical scheme and offers services and covers to groups and individuals. They are one of only five medical aid schemes in South Africa approved to offer cover within the local government sector.

Key health medical aid also has a proprietary program that they offer to all of their members called the OneCare Specialist network. You can go online and use the network from their website to find a specialist in your area that is considered pre-approved. This saves time and stress as you do not have to go through the process of requesting approval for a specialist. As long as your network general practitioner, surgeon or another approved specialist has directed towards another type of specialist you can look, click and go without worry.

Key health medical aid plans all offer varying levels of cover for in-hospital benefits, out of hospital benefits, chronic and day to day benefits. You can start off with a low budget/low cover plan if you are young and in good health like the Key health medical aid Essence Option. As your life changes and you need increased cover, you can progress through the increasing levels from Essence to Equilibrium to Silver then Gold and finally Platinum – the most comprehensive Key health medical aid plan. You can also opt to carry their Health Booster plan, which provides for Wellness, Dental and other cover options.

Key health medical aid has a full service website where you can keep up with the latest Key health, news, read up on your benefits, access member services and find out about other programmes that Key health is involved in. As a Key health member, you can be eligible for discounts to services that promote Wellness such a gym memberships and travel discounts as well.

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