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Prosano medical aid

Prosano medical aid began in 1976 on the west coast of South Africa and has since expanded to be a nationwide presence. Prosano medical aid plans offer industry standard cover and some unique benefits as well. Students are covered under Prosano medical aid plans under the special children’s rate up to the age of 27. Prosano also offers benefit cover for vitamins and many homeopathic treatments. They cover over 60 chronic conditions and provide for unlimited pathology examines, in-patient radiation and in patient maternity care.

Prosano medical aid plans are divided into four schemes: ProVision, ProClassic, ProVider and ProCedure. Each of them offer different levels of cover so as to make them available at different subscription rates so you can find an affordable plan that will provide adequate coverage for your needs.

The Provision Prosano medical aid plan is a budget hospital plan for people who are healthy, have no chronic condition and deals mostly with providing maternity cover and in-hospital treatment for urgent care. ProClassic is a comprehensive care program that uses the Prosano medical aid savings account to help offset and prepare for any hospital costs. Provider is especially designed for the needs of families with children by emphasising in and out of hospital cover. Finally, the ProCedure Prosano medical aid plan is a unique budget plan available for members with a per month income of R4000 or less. This plan allows for unlimited day to day treatment and general practitioner visits but has a cap on hospital stays and specialist treatments set at R150, 000 per year. Should a ProCedure member require more cover, Prosano medical aid also offers gap cover so the member is not left to cover all of the cost themselves. More detailed information about each plan is available on the Prosano medical aid website. You can also leave your contact information for an agent to call and discuss the plans with you.

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