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Is Medical Aid just another Type of Medical Insurance?


Is Medical Aid Just Another Type of Medical Insurance?

The majority of developed and developing nations have private health care options largely funded by medical insurance.In most of these nations, medical insurance is the only chance consumers have of being able to afford private health care, but this is a bone of contention among many people. At the end of the day, insurance companies are profit driven. They have no reservations about cutting corners to keep costs to a minimum, and often they avoid risks making certain groups of people practically uninsurable.

Although many do not realise it, South Africa is among the leading lights of private health care funding. This is thanks to private medical aid programs. It is often mistakenly assumed that medical aid is just another version of medical insurance, but there is actually much more to them. The biggest difference is that medical aids are operated only by non-profit organizations. Medical aid is considered to be far superior to medical insurance and it has been an integral part in developing what is fast becoming one of the best private health care systems in the world. Private hospital groups in South Africa are even beginning to extend services to the Middle East and North America!

With medical aid, everyone pays the same monthly premium for the plan they have chosen. It does not matter how healthy you are. This is a major difference between medical aid and medical insurance. Insurance companies will raise premiums on those with long term illness and may even refuse cover to someone with a pre- existing health concern. Considering one of the major health issues in South Africa is HIV and AIDS this is fantastic, because even those who are HIV positive or are suffering from full blown AIDS can join a medical aid plan without having to pay more.

There are many other differences and benefits when comparing medical aid to medical insurance, but even based solely on this factor medical aid is much more stable than insurance! There are lots of different providers and schemes available in South Africa, so at we aim to help you t find the est deal to meet your needs. We can help find affordable medical aid for you and your family.


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