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Medihelp medical aid


Medihelp medical aid schemes are offered in a series of packages designed to meet your needs in an affordable way, but also to provide you with the best cover suited to your life. Medihelp is one of the largest providers of medical aid in South Africa. Their website is extraordinarily helpful to members and those considering enrolment in a Medihelp medical aid plan as you can review the benefit options, read the latest Medihelp news and access member services.

Each Medihelp medical aid package includes three basic components to help manage costs. There is the core component, which has a set subscription rate. There is also a saving account and savings protection plan attached to each plan to help reduce the impact of unforeseen costs to the member. A member can use the savings components to set aside money so that when in need, they have the money on hand to quickly pay to reach the threshold level so Medihelp medical aid will take over the claim. The savings protection aspect helps to make sure that the monies are applied in the most effective manner and any not used in one year are applied to the next.

Medihelp offers comprehensive hospital plans that include special programs for HIV/AIDS management and other special benefits. The main Medihelp medical aid schemes are part of their Dimensions product offerings and come as Dimensions 1, 2 or 3. The difference between the levels of cover can be found in their provisions for in hospital stays, chronic care and day-to day cover. Depending on your age and projected health risk, you may not need comprehensive medical aids, but should the need arise, Medihelp medical aid also offers gap cover so you may add additional benefits to an existing plan without committing to a new rate or having to go through the enrolment process again.

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