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One plan medical aid


Ideally, the best kind of health cover comes under one plan of medical aid only. But having everything you could possibly need under one plan of medical aid can be out of reach for many people because of the subscription expense. Medical scheme companies are aware of this and work to offer their members different options to resolve their medical aid needs. They offer one plan medical aid products that have different tiers of cover and cost, and then they offer stop gap products to fill any additional cover needs that may arise.

A one plan medical aid can mean anything from fully comprehensive insurance that provides for unlimited hospitalization, private ward options, chronic care medication and wellness initiatives or, the one plan medical aid could be more budget conscious and offer only the cover that the member is going to need at this stage in their life. Young singles do not have the need for fully comprehensive insurance that families with children and senior do. It is easier for a young person to acquire a cheap one plan medical aid and not worry too much about it. For some seniors, maintaining a comprehensive one plan medical aid is also easily done. But for most families and retired persons, the affordable one plan medical aid is going to be one that offers only a mid or low level amount of cover. In a way, they are taking a gamble with their health needs. To reduce the risk of that gamble, medical aid companies offer gap plans to fill out areas of coverage with specific additional benefits.

Unfortunately, having to acquire a gap plan undermines the original intention of having one plan for medical aid. Now, you must deal with managing the claims and paperwork of two plans and costs might run higher when the two subscriptions are combined.

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