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Transmed medical aid


Transmed medical aid is a closed medical aid company that offers cover to employees, subsidiaries and former subsidiaries of the Transnet group. They offer a wide array of tiered care plan and have some special initiatives that keep members choosing Transmed medical aid as their cover provider.

In addition to the standard offerings of core, budget, basic and full comprehensive plans, Transmed medical aid has placed an emphasis on plans designed for Elder and managed care. Transmed medical aid knows that with chronic conditions that are the result of natural aging or the presence of chronic disease, part of providing cover is about providing benefits that emphasize wellness. Transmed medical aid Elder care programmes focus on making sure that people over 60 still have control over their health treatments and their lives. The benefits are not just about medication and hospital care, but about offering discount and educational programmes to keep elders active and healthy. The same is true with managed care. Transmed programmes provide not just for day to day cover, but also, wellness care and caregiver support.

Transmed medical aid offers more in managed care too as they have separated out the specific forms of managed care needs to better allow a focus to be placed upon them. With Transmed medical aid you can get on a specific programme for managed care for disease, maternity or oncology. By separating out these three areas, the benefits can be more specifically tailored to each type of managed care need. Transmed medical aid also has an additional benefit that can be accessed to allow for an extension for International travel to make sure you are not left without cover just because you may have left the country. Their global network and agreements with other providers will make sure that you have access to all the health options you may need on your travels.

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