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Discovery medical aid plans

The most comprehensive cover offered by Discovery medical aid plans are found in their Coastal Core and Coastal Classic plans. Under these packages, Discovery will pay the full cost of bills from surgeons and anaesthetists plus they provide chronic medication benefits and emergency transportation cover that include emergency airlift by helicopter. These Discovery medical aid plans also provide for unlimited hospitalization and day-to-day cover of services.

Discovery medical aid plans are designed to meet the needs and budget constraints of their members. Discovery Health is one of the largest providers of medical aid plans in South Africa. They have over 2 million people on their rolls and continue to add more each day.

One of the reasons Discovery medical aid plans are the first choice for health cover is that they are one of the few to allow members to downgrade their cover at any time. This can help if money gets tight. However, members can only upgrade their Discovery medical aid plans once a year.

For people who are looking to pay less and don’t foresee a need for full comprehensive cover, Discovery medical aid plans also include products that cost much less than the Coastal Core and Coastal Classic products. The Coastal Saver will pay some health bills in total and up to 50% on others. Members can fill out the cover on budget Discovery medical aid plans by purchasing have stop gap products. Stop gap products allow you to add cover to use with an existing plan to reduce the cost of services not fully paid. Members can also opt into a savings plan to set aside money in case of medical need.

Discovery medical aid plans also include a product called Classic Comprehensive. This plan offers unlimited hospital benefits and uses the savings plan to pay up to 50% of the bill before the threshold amount is reached and Discovery pays the rest. This plan also allows for unused savings to roll over into the next plans cover. There are several more products offered by Discovery medical aid plans. Sitting with an agent and discussing your needs is the best way to find the right one for you

A Guide to Discovery Health Plans

8116091662_ec768592eeMedical Bills are two words that strike fear into those people that do not have adequate medical aid coverage, but are two words that mean nothing to those people that are completely covered. With illness and injury all too commonplace in everyday life, it is important to take away the strain and worry that comes from having to face expensive treatments for illness and injury. That is why a lot more people need to make sure that they become members of a health plan in the near future.

With medical treatment costs on the rise, not to mention the ever increasing costs of prescription medicines and dental treatments, it is important that people do not gamble with their health. In exchange for a small financial outlay each month, there are a number of medical aid plans out there that offer different levels of medical coverage, and it can be a bit confusing when trying to select the right one for your needs.

Discovery Medical Aid is one such company, and they have been providing their Discovery Health Plans for more than two decades in fact. Discovery Health Plans come in 6 variants, ranging from the basic to the more comprehensive health plans. Within the 6 different Discovery Health Plans, there are a number of different options, so that a customer can pretty much tailor their medical aid coverage needs to their particular set of circumstances.

The 6 health plans that Discovery Medical Aid offer are; Saver Series, KeyCare Series, Core Series, Priority Series, Comprehensive Series, and the executive plan. All of these health plans, with the exception of the executive plan, all have varying degrees of cover depending on how much a person wishes to spend each month.

Some of the benefits that these plans offer the subscriber include, visits and stays in a hospital, emergency transport to a hospital, access to a doctor, help with advanced medical treatment, as well as rehabilitation. All in all, the health plans provided by Discovery Health are some of the most detailed and feature packed to be found anywhere in South Africa at this moment in time.

For those people that are still living their everyday lives without adequate medical cover, then they need to take a long hard look at their circumstances and lifestyle, and think about the problems that they could encounter when illness and injury strike.

Medical Aid is Readily Available in South Africa

You may be thinking about becoming a member of a medical aid plan, or, you may already be a member of a medical aid plan. Whichever bracket you fall into, there is one thing that you need to be certain of, and that is, does the medical aid package, that you are a member of or about to sign up to, give you the benefits that you need?

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Unfortunately not all medical aid packages are suited to the people who are paying their hard earned money each month, and when the worst happens and they find themselves needing help to pay their medical bills, they often receive the shock of discovering that they are not completely covered. It is because of these kinds of scenarios that more and more people are looking elsewhere for their medical aid cover, and companies such as Momentum are quickly becoming one of the major players in the medical aid marketplace.

As a matter of fact, there are very few medical aid packages that cover every eventuality, and those that do come with a very high monthly premium. However, there is no reason why the medical aid package that you belong to, shouldn’t offer you the kind of coverage that will go some way to taking the sting out of medical treatment bills.

With every medical aid plan there is a minimum level of cover that you can expect to receive and is included automatically within the term and conditions of your policy. Even the cheaper medical aid plans should cover such things as, being taken to hospital by ambulance, hospital stays and prescription medication. Although, you need to be aware that more often than not, the medical aid plans at the lower end of the market, that is the cheaper schemes, will probably have restrictions on the amount of day’s hospital treatment they will cover. The same goes for prescription medication, as there maybe a limit on the amount of medication they pay for and if you are suffering from a chronic illness then you could end up paying for your medication out of your own pocket.

For many South African citizens, even having any kind of medical aid cover used to be beyond their means and that left them with no choice but to rely on state funded medical care. Something which can involve a lengthy wait when it comes to actually receiving medical attention, plus the level of care received may not be of the highest standard. Thankfully there are now medical aid companies, such as Momentum, who are now in a position to help people on low incomes, find a suitable medical aid package, which fits in with their lifestyles as well as their budget.

The best method of obtaining a medical aid package that is right for you and your family, is to take the time to look around and see what is on offer, that way you can not only get great medical care when you need it but at a price you can afford.


Are You Fully Covered by Your Medical Aid?

When it comes to looking after your health and the health of your family, then medical aid is an important way to make sure that you receive the best health care when the worst happens. Medical aid can be expensive; however, there are now more and more medical aid companies, such as Bestmed, who are now in a position to offer good quality medical cover for a price that is affordable for everybody.

Drugs and Medications

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The thought of falling ill or being the victim of an accident is not something that most people want to spend a lot of time thinking about. However, the worst can happen, and typically it will take place when you least expect it. That is why you do not need to have the extra stress and worry that comes with not having medical aid cover. You need to concentrate all of your efforts towards the recovery process, or helping a loved one through a difficult time, without concerning yourself with the thought of having to pay all of those medical bills at the end of it.

There are plenty of tales of woe out there, about people who have been faced with huge medical bills when falling ill, and the resulting problems that can arise from that is having treatment stopped before it is finished, or having to seek medical attention at an inferior centre.

No matter how comprehensive you think your medical aid cover is, there are going to be times when something happens to you or your loved ones that is not covered by your medical aid policy. Most medical aid companies, such as, Bestmed, offer schemes that are tailored to meet the needs of their members and there are some companies who will allow you to make changes to your policy. For example, you may have a joint policy with your partner, and then you find out that you are expecting the birth of your first child, and that your policy does not cover your partner for pregnancy. This is the time when you will need your medical aid policy to be flexible and allow you to add maternity cover to your policy. If your policy is not flexible, then you could very well find yourself paying for all the medical treatment that comes with child birth, and instead of enjoying what should be a wonderful time in your life, you are left with the added worry of medical bills.

Medical aid can be quite confusing if you are not sure where to start looking, that is why it is a good idea to take some time to look into the options that are available. Some medical aid companies offer a number of different policies that vary in price and the type of ailments and treatments that they cover. Others such as Bestmed, offer only three options that are suited to different people’s lifestyles, from the single person, to large families and older people. There is no point rushing a decision on something that is important to the health of you and your family, so make sure that you have the best policy for your needs.

Choosing Affordable Medical Aid

Owning a top notch medical aid policy is quickly becoming a necessity in these modern times and trying to locate a medical aid policy that both meets the needs of you and your kith and kin, as well as your budget can be a complicated task. Most people would love to have enough medical cover that covers all of the ailments and medical problems that life can throw at them; however, this is not always the case when you are restricted by a tight budget. There is a plethora of medical aid policies out there at the moment and it can be a very complicated task to match the level of cover with the amount of money at your disposal. For that reason you need to look carefully at the details of each policy and take each policy on its own merits.

South Africa has seen a dramatic rise in the costs of its health care and for that reason, obtaining a cheap medical aid

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policy is the solitary option that most people can afford. It is for the reason that health care costs have risen so much in such a short space of time that many people are turning to cheap medical aid policies to help with the cost of health care for them and there kith and kin. However, before signing up for a medical aid policy, it is important that you make doubly sure that the cover offered meets the requirements of you and your family.

Some people are lucky enough to have a subsidised or even free medical aid policy that is provided by the company that they work for. For example, if you work in the medical profession or for a medical insurance provider, then you can expect to be fully covered. For those who do not work in the health care industry, they may find that the company they work for still offers a policy that can the employee can join. Some of the work based medical aid policies can be dependent on the industry the company works in and may not have the level of cover that you require for you and your family.

When it comes to searching for a personal health care policy you need to consider the crucial factors such as the type of cover that the scheme provides for your money. Another aspect that you may need to look into is the option to either downgrade or upgrade your policy in case there is a major change in your financial position. Most policies allow for an upgrade no more than a couple of times in a calendar year; however, some policies are less flexible when it comes to allowing you to downgrade your policy and if you think that your income may drop in the future it is best if you seek out a policy that will allow you to downgrade without incurring a penalty.

With a bit of time and effort you can find the right medical aid policy that covers you and your family.


Look to Medical-Aid.co.za to Save You Money

No one likes to receive big bills and when it comes to medical treatment, these bills can be some of the biggest. If the worst was to happen and you were to suddenly take ill taken ill or worse, the victim of an accident and you do not belong to a medical aid scheme, then you are going to be faced with paying some pretty hefty medical bills.

General practitioner examines a baby

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Medical aid providers, offer a range of medical aid packages that are a kind of health insurance that will help you to pay all or almost all of your medical expenses should you fall ill or be injured in an accident. However, finding the right medical aid scheme that best suits your situation can be a difficult task, for the reason that, not only are there a large number of companies offering medical aid schemes, but also because most of them have more than one medical aid package available. This can make finding the right one for the right price a bit of a chore, not to mention taking up your valuable time.

That is why there are now more and more people looking for medical aid quotes online in order to take on the time consuming and frankly confusing work out of finding the right medical aid package that suits your needs and budget. This can be  achieved right here at www.medical-aid.co.za by entering as much info as you can into the website’s questionnaire, and then you will receive a list of medical aid providers who have the right medical aid schemes that suit your needs. A summary of the costs and type of benefits you can expect will be listed on one page, and then all you have to do, is click on the link in order to look at the scheme in more detail, to see if it is suitable.

There are many people who shy away from medical aid schemes because they fear that the amount of money that they will have to pay on their premiums each month will be prohibitive. This may have been the case in the past; however, there are now many medical aid providers who are targeting the part of the market that is aimed at people on low incomes. Those people would normally have to rely on the state subsidised health care facilities which do a good job, but it can involve a lengthy wait for treatment. Plus, there is also the risk that the equipment and medical care you receive from one of these facilities is not always of the highest quality.

When the time comes to look at your medical aid quotes, then you should not automatically opt for the cheapest option. This is because you may end up paying for a medical aid package that is totally unsuitable for you and you will simply be throwing money away. You need to make sure that when the time comes and you need good medical assistance, that your medical aid scheme is there to help you foot the bill for things such as medication and hospital stays.



Why Bigger is Better When it Comes to Medical Aid

Medical/Surgical Operative Photography

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There has been a great deal of concern and misunderstanding surrounding medical aid in South Africa in recent years.  The two particular issues being that people are choosing not to take out medical cover and that some of the smaller medical aid schemes have collapsed.

There seems to be an increasing number of people who are not signing up for medical aid even though they can afford it. This is a growing concern in light of the fact that the number of medical claims being made is consistently increasing year after year. Often people choose not to take on medical aid because they are nervous about the recent state of schemes collapsing. However, this is often only an issue for the smaller schemes which people often turn to in order to get cheap cover. This can be a mistake and many people have learned a harsh lesson that cheapest is not always the best option. That is why here are medical-aid.co.za, we will look at available medical schemes from the leading providers in South Africa and provide you with a number of quotes on similar products. It is then up to you to decide which is best for your individual needs as well as your budget.

It is usually a better choice to opt for one of the larger providers, for example the Liberty medical scheme, as they are usually more stable. As is often the case, smaller providers may be cheaper, but they are much stricter when it comes to paying out on claims and certain conditions and/or treatments may not even be covered. When you use the larger providers like Liberty, you will not have to worry so much about these issues. The financial impact of individual claims is not a big deal to these providers because they are so well established in the industry. Furthermore, they are not so stringent when it comes to paying out for your medical expenses. As a general rule of thumb a medical aid provider needs a solvency ratio of at least 25%. If your provider’s solvency drops below 20% then it is best to look at changing schemes.

Providers like the Liberty medical scheme fully understand the level of competitiveness in the medical aid industry and because of this they will often pride themselves on their transparency. It is unlikely for there to be hidden terms and conditions or obscure clauses in their policies. It is often tempting to save a few Rand when arranging medical aid, but sometimes in the long run it is worth paying a little extra for a better and more reliable product. At medical-aid.co.za we can provide you with quotes from all of South Africa’s leading medical aid schemes allowing you to find one that offers great value for your money.


Everyone Needs Medical Aid

Do you have a chronic medical condition that requires daily medication? Are you planning to start a family with your new spouse and want to make sure all of the medical expenses will be covered? Do you simply want to make sure that you and your family are covered in case any of you contract a normal cold or virus? If you want to make sure that your family is covered in the case any sort of illness or accident requires a visit to a doctor’s office or a hospital, then finding an inexpensive medical aid scheme is critical.

Nobody ever wants to think that he or she will get sick or need to spend time in a hospital. Unfortunately, the realities of life show us that people of all ages, backgrounds, and financial levels get sick or have accidents at one time or another. If you are not covered by any sort of medical aid scheme having to spend time in the hospital will be not only physically stressful, but financially stressful as well. At the most important time, when the person in the hospital should be focusing on getting well, they have to consider how they will pay for the medical bills once they are home.

One way to avoid the added stress that comes with emergency trips t

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o the hospital, for yourself or your family, is by researching and finding a cheap medical aid scheme. Medical aid schemes are available at a variety of costs, and in some cases, an employer may offer prices that are even more competitive. By determining what kind of coverage you and your family need, as well as what you can afford to pay, you will be able to find the medical aid scheme that you and your family need to ensure your healthcare needs are covered.

If you need assistance, or would simply like free medical aid quotes to help you find the coverage you need, visit www.medical-aid.co.za today. By providing them with some specific information they will find different medical aid schemes that will be a good option for you and your family.