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Prosano medical aid

Prosano medical aid began in 1976 on the west coast of South Africa and has since expanded to be a nationwide presence. Prosano medical aid plans offer industry standard cover and some unique benefits as well. Students are covered under Prosano medical aid plans under the special children’s rate up to the age of 27. Prosano also offers benefit cover for vitamins and many homeopathic treatments. They cover over 60 chronic conditions and provide for unlimited pathology examines, in-patient radiation and in patient maternity care.

Prosano medical aid plans are divided into four schemes: ProVision, ProClassic, ProVider and ProCedure. Each of them offer different levels of cover so as to make them available at different subscription rates so you can find an affordable plan that will provide adequate coverage for your needs.

The Provision Prosano medical aid plan is a budget hospital plan for people who are healthy, have no chronic condition and deals mostly with providing maternity cover and in-hospital treatment for urgent care. ProClassic is a comprehensive care program that uses the Prosano medical aid savings account to help offset and prepare for any hospital costs. Provider is especially designed for the needs of families with children by emphasising in and out of hospital cover. Finally, the ProCedure Prosano medical aid plan is a unique budget plan available for members with a per month income of R4000 or less. This plan allows for unlimited day to day treatment and general practitioner visits but has a cap on hospital stays and specialist treatments set at R150, 000 per year. Should a ProCedure member require more cover, Prosano medical aid also offers gap cover so the member is not left to cover all of the cost themselves. More detailed information about each plan is available on the Prosano medical aid website. You can also leave your contact information for an agent to call and discuss the plans with you.

Cheap medical aid

While everyone would like the surety of having a comprehensive medical aid plan, for most people finding a cheap medical aid plan that has adequate cover for their current needs is what they are looking for. There is a broad range of products available to provide cheap medical aid from an equally broad range of companies. Health care costs have increased greatly in South Africa over the past two decades and making sure that you have a cheap medical aid plan that also provides adequate medical cover may mean re-evaluating your plan and considering new offerings from different companies.

An important thing to look for when trying to select a cheap medical aid scheme is whether or not it will provide adequate coverage for your potential risk of health problems. Younger adults have different potential health risks than more senior adults. Also, a good medical aid plan will have allowances and emphasis on providing benefits for preventative health care. While having a comprehensive medical aid plan that can cover treatment for chronic disease, dread disease and surgeries – a cheap medical aid plan can be just as good as they recognize that preventative care saves everyone money.

More and more cheap medical aid providers are also becoming less restrictive about members ability to move between plans. Some allow you to downgrade your plan at will, which can be an immense help if your income changes. Unfortunately, upgrading a plan or signing onto a new one is still restricted to set enrolment periods that may only occur once or twice a year. Also, many cheap medical aid schemes use two different payment approaches. The first and standard approach is a monthly payment towards the plan, much like a premium rate on other types of insurance. The second is the use of a health savings account. These accounts allow members to save money towards future health expenses so they are not caught unprepared when they have to pay the up to meet the threshold on the policy.

Gems medical aid application forms

GEMs medical aid application forms can all be easily accessed on their online site. Available forms include: Acknowledgement of debt form, Affidavit A – Confirming dependency of beneficiaries, Affidavit B – Confirming dependency of partner, Affidavit C – Confirming dependency of grandchild/ren, Affidavit D – Confirming dependency of niece/s and/or nephew/s, Application for assistance by means of an Ex Gratia, Application for continued medical assistance (Z583 form), Assessment report by medical practitioner (Disability), Change in membership form, Chronic Medication Delivery Amendment form, Chronic Medication Application form, Dental Services Motivation form, HIV Disease Management form, Maternity Programme Enrolment form, Maternity Programme Newborn registration form, Motivation for option change form, Patient Consent form, PMB Programme Application form, termination of dependant’s membership form, termination of membership from previous medical scheme, and the Travel/international claims form.

GEMs medical aid application forms are required to become a part of the GEMs health plan which Is a closed scheme designed to provide for government employees and their families. GEMs, or the Government Employees Medical scheme, was organised in 2005 in response to the issue that most government employees could not afford health care. It was also found that with medical plan costs rising faster than salaries, that many government and public sectors were unable to continue to afford their private medical aid plans.

GEMs medical aid application forms also include forms that are required throughout the use and application of GEMs medical aid cover. A GEMs medical aid application form is required to activate certain benefits (such as maternity) that are provided for under your GEMs cover. Review the description of the benefits for the GEMs medical aid you have to determine when and which GEMs medical aid application forms are required to be submitted. It is a good idea, even if you are not currently in need of a benefit, to familiarize yourself with the GEMs medical aid application forms so you can understand them without the stress of need.

Pharos medical aid

Pharos medical aid provides a kind of unusual service to its members based on a philosophy that is uncommon in the health cover industry. Pharos medical aid started in 1994 with the belief that medical aid is for when you are sick and members should be in control of their medical rand. To fulfil this mission, they have created products that revolve around managed, preventative care. Pharos medical aid programmes are not just about the “just in case you need it moments” of health care, but about establishing a consistent relationship with medical providers to prevent illness from happening.

Pharos medical aid assigns each member to a registered nurse who oversees their compliance with basic preventative care and check-ups. Because it is a registered nurse that is involved directly in non-medical emergency care, they have the opportunity to spot the beginnings of an issue before it gets so bad it requires hospital intervention. Nurses can also help you understand better the choices presented to you as care options so you remain in better control of your treatment.

Pharos medical aid programmes guarantee that all claims are paid within 14 days of the received claim date and that hospital claims are resolved within 30 days of the clinical audit. If you are involved with one of the Pharos medical aid savings schemes, any monies left at the end of the year are automatically rolled over into the next.

Pharos medical aid also offers specialized programmes such as their Fortitude programme that is focused on wellness and education, an HIV/AIDS management program, and an extensive list of services for pre-natal and post-natal care. Members can also take advantage of their online education, wellness and rewards programmes. Plus, all Pharos medical aid members receive a regular health newsletter.

Bestmed medical aid

Bestmed medical aid offers a broad range of health covers that range from comprehensive plans to budget aid for those who do not need extensive hospital and chronic disease cover. One of the reasons that Bestmed medical aid is able to offer plans that are affordable is they have been able to keep their operating costs below 6% of their revenue. That kind of administrative discipline not only keeps their plan rates low but also, shows that they pay attention to detail. If a company pays that much attention to detail in their administrative concerns it is safe to assume that they will pay attention to your health concerns as well. What most people do not understand about medical aid schemes is that as a business, Bestmed medical aid will profit more if you are healthy rather than when you are ill.

Bestmed medical aid offers three categories of medical aid plans – the Beat, the Pace and the Pulse. The Bestmed medical aid Beat plan has three separate schemes for care. All of the Beat plans are aimed towards younger members who are in good health, interested in preventative care and may just be starting their families. The Bestmed Pace plans offers four levels of service that begin to rise in care offerings to meet the needs of established families and older members who are beginning to need chronic care. The Pulse options are two plans that are geared at working professionals who want comprehensive coverage but also, greater choice in providers and good rates.

No matter what Bestmed medical aid scheme you choose, you can be sure that as you grow your family and life, Bestmed will be able to keep up with you. Their driving goal is to provide affordable and practical cover to members with an emphasis on making preventative care accessible.

Medical aid schemes in South Africa

Choosing between all the medical aid schemes in South Africa is not as easy as picking other types of cover. After all, in the grand scheme of things if you choose the wrong home or car cover, the worst that can happen is that you will lose your house or car. That may seem awful, but you can recover from it. Choose one of the wrong medical aid schemes in South Africa and your health can be seriously compromised, your financial stability destroyed and you will not be able to start again.

There are many different types of medical aid schemes in South Africa and each cover offers a different level of protection. Each tier of protection also has different premium rates and a different focus as far as what the medical aid schemes in South Africa provides benefits for. Some medical aid schemes in South Africa are good for young singles who are just starting out and other are better for families. It is a good idea to review your potential medical needs every few years to try and determine if you need to change your coverage. Even if you find yourself in a situation where you need additional benefits that are not provided by your cover, most companies that offer medical aids in South Africa also offer gap cover to increase your cover as needed.

There are so many companies that offer medical aid schemes in South Africa that you have a great range of products to choose from. Think realistically about what your potential health needs will be, talk to family and friends about their experiences with providers and make an informed decision. Also, be sure to call the company you may want to enrol with as most have set periods during the year when they will consider new applications.